Mom, you may not want to read this, but I know you will anyway…

Tender subject. How to approach it… A bit of background, a feel good statement, then the real reason I’m posting with disturbing detail, etc… Yeah. That’s the way.

OrchidI have an appointment to see a special kind of doctor tomorrow. The kind you men don’t get to visit. Yeah, that one. Read on brave souls.

Really though, seeing the gynaecologist isn’t even a chore or groan-worthy for me anymore. After having cervical cancer and going through the less invasive but still serious enough treatments all the way up to the major surgery and subsequent follow-up care, a gynaecologist is the most common doctor I see. (I actually see two doctors every time I get to disrobe and display. Lucky me!)

My visits have steadily decreased in necessary frequency from four times or more per year to every six months. Next March will be my four-year anniversary for being cancer-free! How cool is that! Now for why I’ve drawn you into my post…

I have a girlfriend who’s also a cancer survivor. (Different type and vastly more horrific than my ordeal, but we share a few common experiences through a small number of similar circumstances.) I asked her a couple of years ago if she still shaves her legs when she visits the GYN. Actually, if memory serves, I think we blogged about it between a post and some comments. Anyway, she doesn’t. I was in the shower this morning debating as to whether or not I will shave my legs tomorrow for the afternoon appointment. I probably will. But an even more difficult conundrum to wrestle with is…
Do I also tidy up my bikini area? See, I did another Brazilian for my recent beach holiday and the inevitable re-growth is appearing. Now, for all of you having mental pictures of female naughty parts, yeah, ok – I keep things tidy so at least it doesn’t look like there’s some sort of homeless man’s beard trying to grow down there, but should I go the extra mile and not only shave my legs but also… you know what I mean.
Why on earth do I spend time on these thoughts.

I guess I’m desperately curious about what gets said in GYN circles when you leave, if anything. I’m not really concerned about it, but I wonder do they have private opinions on your sex life if you go in shaved, bald, neatly trimmed, tidy hedge or kudzu jungle style… I’d love to read the minds of – what another friend of mine calls – the ‘poh-poh doctor’.

I’m sure they get bored seeing snatch all day, (and what I can only expect is a minority of photo-worthy model fun bits), but do gynaecologists care if you haven’t tidied up? I doubt it. If you do, it’s got to make it easier to see what’s going on down there, but I doubt they’re preoccupied about whether or not the region is perfectly groomed. I think I’m better off not knowing certain things really.

I’m still definitely going to shave my legs though.


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10 thoughts on “Mom, you may not want to read this, but I know you will anyway…”

  1. I would say that as long as it doesn’t look like that’s where you carry your miniature poodle in the winter, you’re good to go.

  2. I prefer to tidy up the joint before I go, it’s kind of like cleaning your house before company comes over, and you know how anal I am about that. πŸ™‚

  3. No matter how or what I think about with this post, I can only think of one thing … damn! Women think too much when they go to the doctors. Frankly, if you can get me to shave my face in the morning before I go to work–that’s luck! For a woman, should she shave her legs and other areas or not, my wife thinks that all the time. She has an HCH piercing and prefers to be bald. When we had Ayden (our newest son), one of the nurses asked, “did that hurt?” My wife said no. Then the nurse asked, “how do you get it so smooth?” Wife said, “lots of practice, and I hate the itchies.”

    Oh well, women are weird.

    You’re right up there with the weird women … but, I still lub ya!

  4. Now I know what I should have done with my two weeks ‘work experience’ time from school all those years ago, sheesh.. to think I spent it in a sweaty male draftsmans office with my dad…..

    I could have been counting hedgehogs…

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