Noize Market magazine submission and other stuff

Wahoo! I’ve just sent off my first article for print publication! (And it’s totally unrelated to my writing course.) The magazine is called Noize Market and although it’s not a paid gig, I’m thrilled for the opportunity. I need experience and I need to get some work printed/published and they need content. Good trade! I’ll be sure to get details and hopefully reprint permission to put it up here, but for now know that it’s a 1500 word article/interview with Mark Hunter of the tartanpodcast and its effect on the Scottish music scene. I’m so happy I could burst!

In other news around here, I had a really great evening out with some friends last night. We all met up in Harrow for a posh seafood dinner and then headed off to the cinema for King Kong. Had I been wearing waterproof mascara, I would’ve cried my eyes out at the movie, but understanding that my Alice Cooper makeup impression wasn’t appropriate, I bit my lip and dabbed away a few rogue tears to prevent an all out racoon mask. I must confess that I cry for things as simple as well written cat food commercials, so even though the story of King Kong is so well known that I should be prepared for tragedy, I still tear up. I’m just silly like that. 🙂 As for what I thought of the movie, I liked it. It was very well done and despite a couple of the scenes going on a tad too long, it was a justifiable three hour film. The casting was pretty well done and the computer generated stuff was nearly flawless. Good job Peter Jackson. Keep it up!

Went into the town centre today for cappuccino and a few pounds worth of consumer activity. For some reason I am usually able to move amongst the frantic Saturday/Christmas shoppers with a relative calm. It’s sometimes not easy to avoid the tension of others, but I try and it usually works. It’s a good place to be. The coffee was tasty and we found a little gift for Neil’s grandma in a nearby shop. It’s somewhat practical and I’m sure she’ll like it. We’re off to Wales for some time with her next week.

That’s about all from me today. I’m off to make a late dinner and settle in for a movie at home. I have the goofy grin of content happiness on my face. It’s been a lovely week.

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4 thoughts on “Noize Market magazine submission and other stuff”

  1. Thank you! I’m thrilled and scared to death about it! lol!
    I see you tried to get me on chat last night‚Äö?Ñ?Æ I was out of the room watching a movie. 🙂
    Catch you soon though!

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