Audacious evening

A new link quietly crept into my sidebar recently: audacious communications. It’s a new agency formed by three different media veterens with business minds. For some reason, I’ve now been included in their endeavour! πŸ™‚ OK, yes, I’ve got something to offer, but I am the wide-eyed ‘new kid’ amongst this team of successful gentlemen. My efforts so far within the venture had been mostly behind-the-scenes: website construction, involvement in discussions and a guest appearance on a scripted podcast example, but that limited role changed as I went from quiet to audacious in the space of last evening. The guys roped me into participating in the official audacious communications podcast and I found myself discussing media developments, corporations in the news and even making my own predictions regarding trends in blogging and video blogging for 2006. Talk about getting my feet wet!

For this podcast I was initially unsure of how valuable my input would be, as I felt a bit in-the-shadow-of-giants around the table, but when I’m put on the spot I can usually articulate and contribute beyond my own expectations. I wasn’t nervous in the typical sense and felt comfortable with the flow of discussion as it was being recorded. I’ve been a college radio DJ, a competitive public speaker and have even performed four wedding ceremonies, so I guess I don’t get the butterflies like most people do. I’m not without nervousness, but I seem to be able to get out there and get the job done when I need to. This confidence is likely going to get me invited to participate in more podcasts and I see my comfortable behind-the-scenes position in audacious getting a little more public now. I think I might even like it… πŸ˜‰

Besides the audacious podcast, I had another ‘first’ last evening: Lebanese food. I must tell you that if you’ve not had Lebanese, it’s a treat! Clean, fresh and beautifully prepared, the meal left me feeling healthy and satisfied. I had fresh bread, delicious lentil soup, unbelievably tasty falafel, and prawns so large I thought there were three young lobsters on my plate! Fresh veg and fruit were plentiful and the service was impeccable. Maroush Gardens, you have a new fan.

london eyeThe evening wrapped with Neil and me venturing down to the bank of the Thames in London for a few night photo opportunities. He wasn’t much in the mood for snapping, but we braved the cold air of the embankment just long enough for me to take a handful of pictures. All in all, a great evening. I’ll probably post some pictures after I play with them in Photoshop, but here’s a preview of one of them. (Night photography is not my forte, but I really liked the composition of this shot.)


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  1. Thanks! I think it’s an interesting angle…

    As for riding itβ€šΓ„ΓΆ?Γ‘?Γ† not just yet, but two of my best girlfriends are coming to visit for New Years and we plan on hitting the London Eye as well as several other tourist-y places. πŸ˜€

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