keywords a window to the soul or just random weirdness

I’m absorbed by the ridiculous. Flicking through my site stats this morning, I decided to analyse the keyword/keyphrase terms used to find my blog a bit more closely than the usual skim and scroll. The top ten are the (mostly) predictable ones:

reset nvram
lava bread
tattoos of stars
order adulterous –(I have you to thank for that one Carole. Traffic is traffic… ;))
reset nvram mac
reset nvram open firmware
Individual Keywords:
of –(People really search for ‘of’ ???)

OK, that was uneventful. But when you expand the list to reveal all of the things being used to hit your blog… Here are a handful of gems.

weirder search terms/phrases:
colloquialisms –(I love the word and have used it. Fair enough.)
fly-play –(I don’t know what this is…)
wondergirl; –(Mom, is that you?)
inflatable manger scene –(I think I did mention this one.)
i have really bad scars from the car accident –(I don’t, but it sounds freaky-kinky. I’m scared.)
under wear sexy women gallary –(I copy-paste these. No spelling corrections. And no, there isn’t a secret gallery.)
butt shaking santa –(ugh.)
i believe i can fly-play now –(Ah- so that’s where fly-play comes in…)
what does it mean to speak in rhyme? –(To rhyme all the time would be sublime. And horribly irritating.)
animatronic eyes tutorial –(Should’ve got me about 10 years ago for that.)
fun with cereal –(I’m not the only one?)
sitcom ice cream beach parents dead –(This might be my favourite weird search on here.)
fromage girls pics –(Any luck?)
pictures of isotonic fluids –(Just looking at them won’t help, dear.)
feels like a snot stuck in my throat, stuck in my nose take it out blow, chicken stuck in throat –(I knew that post was good.)
gonzo the paint –(I knew him well…)

Now, most of those I can rationalise with a keyword or two in a variety of posts. These phrases almost never appear in the blog as searched for. What I’ve learned from looking at the data this morning is that I show up in the damndest search results and that you all are a weird bunch. I love you for it, really I do. Now, start searching for kamikaze nomenclature clowns, selective aardvark whistle poop, buttressed filibuster superstar, and preposterous shuttlecock border-bottom. This could be fun… šŸ˜‰


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4 thoughts on “keywords a window to the soul or just random weirdness”

  1. Hey, this must be the first time I’ve visited a post on your site since the update – I love the theme!

    Anyway, I love looking through what searches bring users to my blog too. I actually toyed with the idea of writing posts according to whatever search terms had been the most prevalent that week, that there wasn’t actually a post on. I often find people are searching for stuff that is very close to, but not quite the same as, the stuff they find.

    Of course, I quickly got bored with that idea.

  2. Actually, pursuant to the start of my comment: in Firefox 1.5 Mac, the last line of the post header is missing it’s border: I’ll pop a screenshot and email it to you.

  3. Hi Matt- the border gap is actually intentional… šŸ™‚ but thanks for mentioning it just in case it wasn’t on purpose.

    I wanted a dramatic difference between sections of info, so I toyed with the effect that you see. It was actually tricky to achieve, if I remember rightly. šŸ˜‰

    There are bits for me to tweak still, (like in Safari, the footer and comments pages are behaving strangely), but I’ve not sat still long enough to fix them.


  4. As for your first comment Matt: Thanks for the compliment! šŸ˜€
    And I too think about spiking my blog with search stuff, but get bored with the idea too! lol I guess we just need to do it one of these days when the idea is fresh again. (Even after pouring over my keyword stats I found it difficult to actually post about it because I was ready to move on to something else! Damn ADD! lol)

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