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I’m on my second cup of coffee, thinking about lunch and adding several contacts into my RSS reader from last night’s Robert Scoble Geek Dinner in London. As briefly mentioned in my previous post, it was a good time, the margaritas were fab, the food was excellent (even the veggie stuff!) and the level of geekiness was off the chart. It seemed to be all levels of ‘geek’ from several walks as well; I am a sort of part-time geek with a couple of areas of expertise, (digital pre-press and x-plat/x-browser XHTML & CSS), but there were geeks about personal hobbies as well as geeks about more programming languages than you can shake an O’Reilly bookshelf at. It was dominated by bloggers and was a truly interesting blend of passions and professions.

I doubt all that signed up ended up showing up, but there were a surprising number of geeks from non-EU countries, including America, China and I believe I heard Kenya and Venezuela! (Hope they managed to take in a West End show and a few of the sights!) I doubt there were more than a dozen women at the event, but in this 100+ crowd of plump grey matter, there was an air of equality and no ‘boys club’ mentality at all. United in geekdom, the dinner was a pretty cool event. Here’s a few photos:




In the spirit of spreading the love, here are some links to a few of the geeks I got details from:
Sven Latham, owner/creator of blogwise
Don Young, Amazon Web Services
Andrew Denny, Granny Buttons
Barry Dorrans,
Hugh Fraser, Blog Relations
Francis Norton, & inpraiseofdreams
Sarah Blow, geekswithblogs/waterbaby
Dave Oliver, geekswithblogs/sabotsshell
and, of course, check out Neil Dixon’s blog for a post about the evening as well. πŸ™‚

It was a pleasure to meet and chat with you all as well as everyone I didn’t get details from. This was my first ‘geek dinner’ and certainly won’t be my last. Cheers! Oh- if you have a picture of me from the dinner, please send me a copy or give me your flickr/whatever link… I don’t have any of myself at the event! You can send photos to regularjen -at- gmail -dot- com. Thanks!!


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4 thoughts on “more about: Robert Scoble Geek Dinner – London”

  1. Geek?

    What do you mean lassie, we even had Dilbert pop out of cake!
    You gotta admit that was “phat” and “raised the roof.”

    We’re so cool, we wear thermistors!

    With Love,
    Bill Gates

  2. Just thought I’d check out your blog after your comment on ours. I am in the same situation of not having a picture of myself at the event – mainly because if I let Beth loose with the camera she’d take revenge for all the unexpected pictures I’ve taken of her – although looking at your pictures it looks like me photographing Dave’s nipples from the other direction!

  3. Welcome Richard!

    Yeah, I’ve been through the flickr galleries but still only come up with a few bits of me in photos… fair enough since I’m a newbie to the geek dinners. πŸ™‚ Next time I’ll be sure to have someone aim my camera at me for incriminating evidence! I may have a better shot of the nipple event… I’ll let you know. πŸ˜‰

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