I’ve just returned from the official Robert Scoble Geek Dinner in London. I met loads of interesting people, nearly regretted having not packed official calling cards but was saved by my trusty pen and paper for contact info, and had numerous, rather tasty, margaritas. There are more details to come, but I just wanted to get an enthusiastic, albeit, tired post about the event up for the sake of record-keeping.

If you’re here because I slipped you a rather personal, hand-written invitation to my blog, Welcome! Poke around, enjoy the archives and static pages. I apologise for the slight CSS inconsistencies here and there, but I’ve just been migrating to a new template this week and I’m getting some compatibilities worked out with it in the next day or two. I tend to do most of my web dabbling in the area of cross-browser / cross platform compatibility, so bear with me as I make some adjustments.
(You could always subscribe to my RSS feeds in the meantime… hint hint… 😉 )

I’ve got pictures to post and a few more bits to blog about tonight’s event, so join me tomorrow after I’m out of this sleepy haze that my predilection for tequila drinks has left me with. Good night! And thanks for a great time!


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