Good people, good day

I can tell you that one of the people I posted about in my last entry is my mom. I’ve mentioned before that her husband of over ten years cheated on her, (as evidently he had with his previous wives), and is leaving her in desperate financial trouble. This was exacerbated by her difficulties in finding a job (no luck yet) and then the twenty-one year old washing machine died. I wanted so desperately to help with something – anything – that I was looking up all the local appliance dealers in her town and pricing new machines with delivery. Mind you, I have no money either, but as I’ve mentioned before, I am not the brightest bulb when it comes to matters of finance when I want to help the ones I love. But, as it turns out, it’s a good thing I didn’t hit the “Add to Cart” button…

As the cloak of despair tightened around the situation, a little wind of hope blew through. My mom got a check in the mail for $100. This was unexpected. Then, even more unexpectedly, a lovely couple of fellas from the neighbourhood were chatting with my mom, (she was giving them some throw pillows she no longer wanted), and one asked, “You wouldn’t happen to want a washing machine would you?” Turns out, they have three! They had no idea that her machine had met it’s demise and offered one of the surplus to her for $50 (a new, cheap machine is $300!). She said she’d take the best one they have and the guys will install it for her this weekend. There’s something really special about the friendship she’s got with them: they just help each other; no real payment changes hands, they just offer assistance when and where they can for each other. My mom lives in the poorest neighbourhood in town, (where I too used to live), and it sounds terribly clich?© for me to say they are rich in what matters, but dammit – there just might be truth in it.

So after hitting a rocky low, things are just a little bit better for her. Still no job, still coming up to 61 in a few months with no idea where she’ll be or how she’ll survive, but if the kindness shown by those around her is any barometer for the future, she just might be OK.


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4 thoughts on “Good people, good day”

  1. It’s good to hear about people without ulterior motives. I think it’s possible there are more of them around than I thought.

  2. Yup. My mom has some good people around her. It’s a great comfort to know it.

    Hope things are better for you too Ginny. You keep coming back, so I’ll take that as a good sign. 🙂

  3. Nothing wrong with getting an inexpesive, maybe slightly warm washing machine for $50. I remember two guys offering me some Bose speakers for $100. I almost accepted their offer until I saw the Bose logo slightly askew. Not only were they warm, they were knock-offs. 🙂 Oh well, good for your mom.

  4. Yup- we’re not asking where the washers came from, just grateful for the help. 🙂

    It would’ve been great if the ‘Bose’ speakers had a typo, like Base or Boss… lol

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