Clarification :)

My mom reads my blog. She wants me to let you all know that she is not old, pitiful or living in a ghetto. She is young for her age and lives in an “up and coming neighbourhood.” (That’s what the home improvement shows call the poor inexpensive bits of town. 😉 ) She told me to say that… lol!

You can bet your butt that if I don’t make these clarifications that she will kick my ass the next time I visit her in ‘the hood.’ Tee hee hee…
No really, in all seriousness, she is energetic and youthful and she lives in a pretty nice house. It’s in the oldest part of town which has pockets of trouble, but her immediate surroundings aren’t as infested with crack heads and drunks quite like the area closer to where I lived. (See what an extra $40,000 on your house price can get you? 😉 )

Am I forgiven mom? 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Clarification :)”

  1. A further clarification is necessary–from Mom this time. After reading Jennifer’s first post concerning me, I called her and jokingly/sarcastically asked if she could possibly have made me sound more like a poor, pitiful wretch. Big mistake.

    Never one to pass up an opportunity, she topped her first post with her second. I read it, giggling and saying OMG alternately, while we were on the phone. She is such a pain! She says she gets it from me, and I must admit, I would have done the same to her.

    I don’t feel or act like I’m 60. And although she persists in saying I’m almost 61, that is a LONG two months away…maybe more…I’ll decide that later. Nor do I look 60, thanks to the “golden highlights” (according to the ad) covering the few bits of gray in my brown hair. Bless you, Clairol.

    As for my home,it is a pretty nice (needs work) house on a lovely (needs work) street in an up and coming (needs work) neighborhood.

    She was right about one thing, though. She is in big trouble the next time she’s back for a visit. I shall be plotting my revenge.

  2. LOL! I love you mom! 🙂 Don’t worry, you’re a long way off before I start saying, “my mom’s cool for an old lady!” 🙂 To tell the truth, you’re still in your forties in my mind. I’ve always thought of you more often as a big sister rather than a mom that way. I’ve been really lucky to have a cool mom! Not many kids can say their moms introduced them to industrial music, but I can… 😉

  3. Apparently your mom suffers from mean daughter syndrome which is very similar to mean son syndrome that my mother suffers from me. Just because she’s 60, almost 61, does not mean that she’s old … just better equiped to understand the reality of life.

    Oh well, as long as you have the ability to laugh, who cares!

  4. Brian is hereby elected to the “Euphemisms Make Life Cuddly” club, of which I happen to be president. I was chosen (by my unbiased self) for the position because I am “better equipped to understand the reality of life.”

  5. Jen,

    Did you change addresses or what, because that last delivery of precious rock got sent back.

    Peace out,
    Jam Master John

  6. Jinkies. Your mom is vital and fearsome, and I say that with real-life experience. I’ve been there, seen that, and built the shrine in response!

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