Code, writing and coffee: a love story

I’ve experienced missing time.
No, not like reported by alien abductees, but rather at the hands of BBEdit and Photoshop. I spent all day working (and most of the evening) on my blog. I’ve based the new look on someone else’s existing code, and there were times I felt like a scientist at Area 51 backwards engineering a mess of technology. The parent code is heavy and looks a bit bloated and div happy, so I will refine it further when I get the chance. For a short term goal I’ll fix the obvious issues with photos in posts (which I can probably do in ecto or the WP editor without too much hassle). Minor bug fixes need addressed elsewhere, but if there’s something you think I may not have seen, briefly let me know in a comment. Thanks!

Moving on…

CafetiereWhen you use a cafetiere to make coffee, you get this lovely aromatic, full-bodied brew. One sniff of the stuff and you feel as though you’re having something truly special. It’s the kind of coffee scent that rolls through the flat with a dreamy wave of warmth and promise. It is the kind of smell that leads you to believe you’re going to have a great and promising day.

Drip machine coffee is medicinal. Sure it sputters a waft of coffee-like breath into the air between mechanical gurgles, but instead of giving you a hug, it sort of sits there in the pot tapping it’s foot to remind you that you really need to get to work. It’s not there to make you feel better, it’s there to make you functional. Nothing more.

We’ve recently switched back to making drip coffee. Don’t get me wrong, we still make decent coffee in this flat regardless of the production apparatus, but it’s not the same sort of kiss on the forehead wake up call that the cafetiere provided. From a practical standpoint, it makes more sense to use the drip pot. More finished liquid quantity from fewer grounds. But, the quality is noticeably poorer.
Quantity over quality. Thankfully, that’s not a turn of phrase I feel describes much in my life, but I guess when it comes to code and writing, I’d rather have the quality in those endeavours and quantity in my go-juice.


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  1. Hey hon, just in case you missed it, Using build 416.12 of Safari in 10.4.2 the sidebars don’t show up in the expat & geeky girlie areas; are they supposed to? I realized after you refer to them in the text that they’re not there…
    Back to more work avoidance now… 8^)

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