Are women just not fun?

Wait, before you answer that, let me explain a little.
Unless you have been in a coma, you know that Christmas is coming. Although some of you may wish to be temporarily put into a coma until the New Year arrives, it’s coming and there’s nothing medically ethical you can do about it.

We’ve been asked to assemble our “Christmas list” for gift ideas. Now, on one hand I think these lists are great. You can be fairly sure that as long as the list recipient doesn’t get too creative that you are guaranteed to score a prezzie you like. On the other hand I always feel like a schmuck writing down things I want. Is it too expensive, too difficult to find, too cheap, too many choices, too few… One must strike a tactful and appropriate balance with these things.

Balance. Now I’m getting to the heart of my post. I was online (still am I’m guessing) perusing the Marks & Spencer site for ideas. They have some fabulous things in the gifts section. I found tools, toys, games, science stuff… My favourite had to be the radio controlled sumo wrestlers, but my damned practical side kicked in and prevented me from listing them. So after I’d been through the numerous pages (more than a dozen) of cool presents, I noticed I was in the dude’s section. I thought I should check out the section for ladies.

Two pages. Four sweaters/jumpers, four uncomfortably frilly bras, three floral bouquets, two scarves, a few jewellery related items, four ugly handbags, four perfume choices and an orchid. (Yes, an orchid.)

In my desperation and shock, I retraced my mouse clicks. Ah- the Christmas Gifts section– that’s where I was for men and that’s what I’d mistakenly skipped for women. I tried again.

Again, two pages. This time, of categories of gifts for women. That seemed positive, but alas: handbags, scarves, jewellery, picture frames, lingerie, stationery, vases & bowls, and perfume. No USB powered air darts; no electric guitars. Certainly no radio controlled sumo wrestlers. Evidently, women don’t even read since the foldable book light was only available in the men’s section. What’s up with that!?
Honestly though, I’ll cringe if I ever get an etched glass photo frame for a gift. Pear shaped candles? Uh, no thanks. Leather luggage tags and you’re off my Christmas card list for next year. I’m not ungrateful, don’t get me wrong, but I do think that women get the stereotype treatment when it comes to gifts. I don’t want a crystal bowl any more than I want new oven mitts or a dust-buster for a present. All I wish is for people to think about the personality they’re buying for‚Äì women, men or kids. Giving ‘default’ gifts never shows how much you care, it only highlights how little you pay attention. Women are fun and it will be nice when the retailers can see it too.

Oh, and just to add insult to injury‚Äì the first six books in the Books for Her section? All cookbooks. I could scream. But at least they acknowledge women as literate. (We’re just not allowed to read after dark…)

You might wonder what’s on my list so far: the book light and a stubby ratchet screwdriver set. There’s honestly not much I need or want, but that’s just M&S. Amazon will take a bit longer to peruse. 😉


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4 thoughts on “Are women just not fun?”

  1. I know what you mean. If you don’t know me well enough to figure out a gift that is right for ME, or one we could really laugh about together; then don’t get me a gift. We are aquaintenances-not friends.

    Your post was right on the nose today. My beloved Ryobi cordless drill died today. I am a tool person, and couldn’t get by without them. So off I go to Sears. I lifted every single drill they had (within my price range) testing for weight, balance, slimness of nose, and fit (I have small hands).

    I picked out a Craftsman corded one-perfect fit, excellent RPM’s. They were out of them. I said something like “Oh, shoot, that one fit my hand so well.”
    The salesMAN gave me a look, and said “Oh, it’s for you?” It was like “Oh, how cute.” You would have thought I was a chimp that had learned a new trick! I know most men aren’t like that. I just got lucky today.

    Anyway, I went with my second choice-pretty much the same drill, only cordless (convenient, but less power). I have to be girly for a minute and admit that it’s really gorgeous. And it’s mine, all mine–my husband’s not allowed to touch it.

  2. Just be grateful Jen – Marks and Sparks probably put it there as a token for those ladies who can actually use a computer (with the assistance of course of their husband or son)

    I think that’s jolly pc and very noble of them!

  3. Great story Ginny! You should have asked if the new drill comes in pink… 😉

    Jodi- Yeah! Totally ready for your visit at the end of the month!

    Paul- yeah… I am nearly oozing gratitude for our own little place on the site. 😉 After Neil read the post he was shocked about the books page I mentioned. Truly, some social ideas die hard. I’ve got a lovely story about my first big job after I got my Industrial Design degree… perhaps I’ll post about it this week. It would tie in beautifully with this thread.

    Cheers all!

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