2 thoughts on “Bake a box of brownies and experience fudgy rapture”

  1. Brownies used to be a rare treat since I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Now a guy I know came out of the closet and exposed that he’s a brownie freak.

    When watching a movie: “Did you bring any brownies?”
    During halftime of a football game: “Who’s making the brownies?”
    When installing a new server: “Anyone bring any brownies?”
    After playing basketball: “You gonna make brownies?”
    After someone makes brownies: “What the hell! No walnuts?”

    I’m turned off to the whole brownie thing now.

  2. Brownies get me through the tough times and make the good times better. That pretty much covers it all. A brownie can be your best friend when everyone you know has been a jerk all day.

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