indisputably Tuesday

I’m a hot tamale on the CSS tip today, boys and girls. Oh yeah… bow down to my declarations and kiss my selectors.

There is reason for me to indulge in pride: I’m coding a really slick layout that Neil designed and things are coming together beautifully. Naturally, I’ve not tested it in IE yet, so I’m going to feel high on geekery while I can. (Note: I couldn’t resist it… I tested the code as soon as I typed that. ~ drum roll ~ It’s fine. Dare I say identical in behaviour to standards compliant browsers. ~ sigh of relief and butt-shaking dance ensues ~)

Beyond the tasty code, I’ve been told I get to help write a nice fat column for a music related magazine with wide distribution in the UK. No pay, but the experience will be great! I’ll need to come up with about 1500 words. Wheee-hoo! It begins!

As far as my writing course assignment goes, I’m hopeful I’ll have gathered the necessary material for part 2 by the end of this evening in Oxford. I feel certain that I’ll have plenty of notes, both mental and written. I did start up a second blog for posting the assignments online, but the readership will be kept limited in the site’s infancy. I’ll send links to a handful of you or maybe just get brave enough to post one on my sidebar. I just haven’t decided how I want to go about it yet. Stay tuned…

Time to go spruce up for the trip to Oxford! (I’ll tell you about it tomorrow…)


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2 thoughts on “indisputably Tuesday”

  1. Thanks John! I’m a tiny bit terrified of the task, but it’s going to be incredible to see my words in print. Let the corporal punishment begin!

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