Today’s iTunes Music Store purchase

Disclaimer: * blurt * I’m human and have a wide range of musical tastes.

What I really want to say is that I bought some tracks I’m not particularly proud of today, (and got a freebie), and I feel the need to confess my auditory sins. For your amusement, here are today’s purchases. Guess which ones I’m sheepish about… (There are a few in here, but it’s better than stealing them I guess.)

This Is Hardcore “This Is Hardcore” – Pulp
The Great Escape “The Great Escape” – We Are Scientists
Switch It On “Switch It On” – Will Young
Shot You Down “Shot You Down” – Audio Bullys & Nancy Sinatra
Over the Hill “Over the Hill” – Polly Paulusma (this week’s freebie… it’s harmless I guess. I wouldn’t have bought it.)
Monster Hospital “Monster Hospital” – Metric
Hung Up (Radio Version) “Hung Up” (Radio Version) – Madonna
Toxic (Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix) [Edit] “Toxic” (Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix) [Edit] – Britney Spears
Fuckin' In the Bushes “Fuckin’ In the Bushes” – Oasis
Cherry-Coloured Funk (Seefeel Remix) “Cherry-Coloured Funk” (Seefeel Remix) – Cocteau Twins (this was a disappointing remix… oh well. I still like the original version)

You may have noticed all the little iTMS links… I decided to try being an iTunes Affiliate. Clearly, I’m not in it to make a living, but a few pennies here and there would be interesting. Click and buy, my minions. Baby needs a new Powerbook… 😉
Actually, it’s a big pain in the tookus to put the links in place, so I doubt I’ll do it often. My time is easily worth the pennies I’d make in click-throughs. I might put a link for a song here or there, but tagging a whole list is just tedious. So, you think you know which ones are the more embarrassing tracks yet?


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5 thoughts on “Today’s iTunes Music Store purchase”

  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but both Madonna and Britney Spears brought out the OMG’s in me. I think I’d rather be forced to listen to an all accordian polka! Twice!

  2. I decided I should admit my taste in music so you can say OMG to me. I happen to be stuck on 80’s alternative. My favorite music site is, and my favorite group currently is The Killerz. Of course , they sound 80ish so I guess I haven’t strayed far. You may now say OMG.

  3. I would have to agree with Ginny’s first comment. Madonna???? Oh well, who am I to talk, you know what’s on my shuffle.

  4. All right, all right… the Madonna song has a killer sample of Abba’s “Gimme Gimme Gimme” throughout it. Oh, crap. Have I just embarrassed myself further? 😉

    Yeah. You pegged the Britney one. I like the remix though. It’s slinky and upbeat and fun to move around to. Occasionally, her producers are on the right track. (No pun intended.)

    Madonna= justifiable due to my childhood love of Abba. No embarrassment.
    Britney= irritating, talentless puppet with good producers. Embarrassed.

    Not bad… one down…

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