UPDATED: I should post about these, right?


This isn’t a rant. I’m not mad or upset and no emotional provocation set these words. I just don’t always post fun stuff. I did receive questions from two people about the following entry as to what might be wrong. Honestly, nothing is. I’m happy, upbeat and genuinely pleased with the things going on around me. I am sorry if it’s not what you wanted to read, but first and foremost I write here for me. Readers are a delicious bonus. I half considered removing the post because of the way it affected those two individuals who contacted me. I won’t because after re-reading my words, I feel the same about it as when I wrote it. It’s honest and I apologise if it worries anyone or causes discomfort. Thank you for understanding.

So Thanksgiving came and went and liver waster George Best (finally*) died. Neither has affected me in the slightest.
But you’re American Jen, don’t you at least miss the glutton’s favourite holiday?
No. I don’t need a silly autumn occasion to avoid more meat, eat mashed potatoes that I can make any old time, and ignore the worthless news coverage about holiday sales targets at every North American retail outlet. I didn’t miss a thing. (Hey, I wonder… did Bird Flu hurt turkey sales? I kinda hope so… Fear your meat. The more you know about your meat America, the more you should fear your meat. Yeah I know, I should fear the fish I eat too, but so far I just like to disillusion myself into believing that the seafood I eat is supplementing a phantom mercury deficiency in my diet. * smirk *)
To be completely honest, I miss family and friends, but I miss them regularly anyway and without a pork-out holiday to remind me. I’m too far removed by generations of ancestors to give a rat’s ass about the true meaning of Thanksgiving. I realise that perhaps sounds unpatriotic to some, but hey, no one is directly affected anymore. Pretty much every holiday is a tradition constructed by dead people several generations back for reasons we don’t actively recognise anymore. Without Googling, tell me the historic reasons for four major holidays in America that everyone celebrates like zombies and I’ll be impressed. One rule: you can’t use Easter or Halloween. It’s my challenge, I make the rules. Of course if you can do it, I don’t guarantee that you’ll single-handedly restore my faith in American traditions, but I’ll at least be made aware that despite the commercial takeover of all that was once sacred to each and every American in our pasts, that some of you still celebrate for all the right reasons. We just have to look beyond the 12′ inflatable Santa in your yard to see it.
Love each other. Celebrate holidays for family, not for the best animatronic manger scene on the block and who can secretly see the therapist the most after the stress of the holiday melee dies down. This applies to all holidays. After all, do you know the real, historical, reason you celebrate or only that you tell yourself it’s for loved ones, freedom or your god.
And yes, I’ve been somewhat cynical and disillusioned about this stuff for many years… πŸ˜‰

* Sure, It sounds disrespectful to say it that way, but DAMN! the British press has been
waiting for him to die for a month now. They’ve all had big tribute articles to the soccer player written for weeks, just waiting for the dude to die. Here’s your quick rundown: He drank too much, needed a liver transplant. He drank when he wasn’t supposed to and wasted the donor liver. He died at 59. My great aunt was an organ recipient and cherished every day with it after 12 years of dialysis. I have no sympathy for George Best. Irresponsible cunt.

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14 thoughts on “UPDATED: I should post about these, right?”

  1. Whoa! What got your panties in a bunch? Injest chocolate and caffeine in large quantities quickly. Then punch a hole in the wall. Works for me…well, the chocolate and caffeine work…the wall punching justs hurts a lot. No cure is perfect.

  2. Good on ya’, Jen. BTW, here are the real facts about the first ‘thanksgiving’. You know, the one’s that they don’t teach kids in grade school here in the States.

    Most of us associate the holiday with happy Pilgrims and Indians sitting down to a big feast. And that did happen – once.

    The story began in 1614 when a band of English explorers sailed home to England with a ship full of Patuxet Indians bound for slavery. They left behind smallpox which virtually wiped out those who had escaped. By the time the Pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts Bay they found only one living Patuxet Indian, a man named Squanto who had survived slavery in England and knew their language. He taught them to grow corn and to fish, and negotiated a peace treaty between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Nation. At the end of their first year, the Pilgrims held a great feast honoring Squanto and the Wampanoags.

    But as word spread in England about the paradise to be found in the new world, religious zealots called Puritans began arriving by the boat load. Finding no fences around the land, they considered it to be in the public domain. Joined by other British settlers, they seized land, capturing strong young Natives for slaves and killing the rest. But the Pequot Nation had not agreed to the peace treaty Squanto had negotiated and they fought back. The Pequot War was one of the bloodiest Indian wars ever fought.


  3. My panties are pleasantly un-bunched. I didn’t write the most digestible post, but I didn’t say anything for shock or a rant’s sake.

    Things here are really good! I just have strong opinions and I apologise if they came over angry or bitchy. My intent was to have a post untouched by any form of sugar coating and perhaps it crossed the line into bitter for you.

    I’ll still take your advice on chocolate and caffeine, not because I need it, but because it sounds yummy… πŸ™‚

  4. Mike-
    Thanks for getting where I was coming from on my post. I award you with 10 points for giving a factual spin on Thanksgiving. American holidays are notoriously distorted. (We like happy news, you know…)

    You’ve earned the points because you sound as though you knew the truth before looking it up and just wanted a concise way to quote it. Bravo, man. Bravo! πŸ™‚

    Also: welcome to my blog! Y’all come back now, y’hear!

  5. No – just showing your true colours, a bitch of the highest order, self proclaimed witch, and an adulterous american tramp.

  6. Blimey Carole, sit on the fence why don’t you?

    I don’t think any of us in the UK have any real idea of Thansgiving to be honest. I knew it was vageuly ‘Pilgrimy’ but not much else really.

    George Best…hmm… very irresponsible chap, but still a real footballing genius, much loved by the British public.

  7. Neato Carole! Glad to see you still around.
    And as bitter and nasty as ever. You’re beautiful baby. Sorry if the Canadian bloke didn’t work out for you.

    Didn’t we suggest you probably shouldn’t visit my blog anymore? Move on honey. Neil has.

    My sincerest wishes that you succeed in whatever you do. Although you’re (again) being an unforgivable bitch, I still hold nothing against you. Tis the season of giving after all.

  8. Hi Paul-

    With my stats, a larger percentage of my readership is still in the US or Americans abroad. I know that a post like that will only be valid to them.

    George Best is a hero to this country for all the wrong reasons… (in my opinion). If he’d led a responsible life when told to and not had drink driving violations etc, then I could have respect for him. Rest assured that I have no appreciation for sports in general, American, British or Martian. πŸ™‚

  9. About Carole’s comment. Here’s some more level-headed explanations.

    OK, for those outside the loop: She is the ex wife of my husband. She had threatened divorce a couple of times in their long union. He finally took her up on it after years of more downs than ups. He was separated when we met. I have an ex too. He and I are still good friends. I separated as soon as I knew I needed to, which was after meeting Neil for the first time. If one wants to be technical, we were both married, but divorce was imminent in both marriages without external influence.

    Next: I had tried to counsel them when I met them. Carole and Neil both had issues. I was as helpful as I could be and wanted happiness for them both. I wanted my own marriage to become happy again too. Everything ended up broken anyway. I got to the scene too late and after knowing Neil I wouldn’t have ever picked Carole as his wife- they are very different creatures.

    As for being a witch: That one’s interesting. I don’t go to church and I don’t believe in a traditional God figure. I am an ordained reverend but non-denominational. I am attracted to alternative religions more out of curiosity than practice. I am not a witch. And honestly, if I were, I wouldn’t care what anyone thought about it anyway.

    And I think we covered the adulterous bit above.

    My comment wasn’t the sweetest thing, but then you don’t know how Carole wished my cancer to return. How she teased Neil with being able to see his dog but then refused to answer any further emails to set a date. She’s had years of practice in hurting him and is good at it. This is the first contact with her in many months. Clearly, she has not moved on emotionally from the divorce. It’s a reason to be a victim and a reason to be bitter, even though it was she who served the divorce papers and began the end before I ever entered the picture. We were not in love when they separated. There has been no conspiracy to make anyone unhappy. Only one voice makes waves and it’s from a bitter woman in Bracknell. The same woman who cried wolf with divorce papers and was surprised when her cruel tactic was finally accepted.

    I wish you the best Carole. Live your life and we’ll live ours. Just remember the truth and try to heal. I do hope you manage to move on- life is too short to dwell on the past.

  10. What a lovely post from the woman named Carole. After reading that I just can’t imagine why she doesn’t have a life or a man who adores her. You’d think someone would jump at the chance to be around a woman like that every day. Such love, kindness, and a way with words. Watch your complexion, dear, all that bile has a tendency to rise to the surface and become wrinkles. It would be hard to explain away all those deep furrows as laugh lines!

    I envy you Jen. In the States being called a bitch of the highest order is a compliment. Every woman who has been called that has a secret little smile .

    Oh, well, some people love to be unhappy and resent being told to give it up. They pull their self-imposed misery around them like a cloak. It sustains them.

    It’s a waste of a life, but people like that make their own choices.

  11. The discussion with Neil’s ex Carole has taken a more private turn. I got a hit n’ run style IM and have responded via email. I hope we can discuss things in a civil manner rather than allowing pointed comments fly back and forth.

    I will not report further on the matter out of respect for all that read and are involved.

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