geekin’, workin’, and carin’ for the flu-ridden

I’m almost done writing my own style for NetNewsWire, (my preferred RSS feed aggregator/reader). I don’t know why I started it in the first place, but I guess it’s a case of, “Hey, I’m bored with the way I look at this‚Äì I’m gonna code me a new skin.” It’s pretty nice I think, so maybe I’ll release it on my site. I dunno. I’m just playing with code…

As for work, I matched up bunches of really poorly lit product shots for one of the sites we work on. It never ceases to amaze me how little importance is paid to presentation. If you had your choice of ordering a product from a company that puts effort into it’s catalogue photography or one that looks like Uncle Ralph came over with his old 110 film camera one day, took some snappys, then developed at his local Walmart, well, I think you’d pick the attractive and thought out representation every time, right? Sorry Uncle Ralph. You suck. Hard. Having a catalogue site is only part of the game, folks… Sell me some products with good lookin’ pics. I’ll buy anything that’s well lit and shiny.

And as for the flu-ridden… It started with body aches. Then he progressed into unpredictable phases of hot and cold. At one point so cold that I dressed him in layers, moved a chair in front of the blasting heat of the oven, and draped him in blankets and a wooly hat until he looked like a poor peasant woman from rural Romania. I took photos of him in this weakened state for my personal amusement. You see, I’ll make endless cups of tea, warm your socks on the radiator, feed you pills, water and vitamins, cook food and understand cancelled Friday night plans‚Äì but I reserve the right to giggle, call you ‘bubka’ and make you model your diseased carcass for my entertainment. That’s just how my selfless attention works. * grin *


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  1. Fill ’em up with juice until he spins like one of those cheap three-armed aluminum sprinklers when it’s “time.”

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