Photos from Portugal are up

RochaGather round yer monitor boys and girls‚ it’s holiday slide show time!
I pared the 5-600 Portugal photos down to two svelte pages at 34 images each. If I truly wanted to torture you, I would use a dull pencil, a Mariah Carey album and stale marshmallows rather than the predictable suffering you’d endure, glazed over, following a never ending stream of someone else’s vacation shots. I’m cruel, but not that cruel… (and clearly not even cruel enough to own a Mariah Carey album to fulfil such threats. Abba and ELO I got, but I’ll spare you because I like you.)

MekiniReally though, grab a cup of tea and enjoy the really amazing pictures I’ve posted. Portugal is incredibly beautiful and I recommend you take a look at the photos as a slideshow to get the best effect (larger pics). There are a few new shots of me in the mix too, including one of my battered but not quite broken toe. These are less exciting than the landscape, but offered for the record.
You can find these visual treats from my holiday in the usual haunt at dotmac under a new category: Travels. This directory will aptly house my photographic chronicle taken outside the UK.
Here are the links for the lazy and impatient:

The main directory to my dotmac photos

Portugal Page 1

Portugal Page 2*

Enjoy the photo feast!

*.Mac page ceased to exist 30, June 2009

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6 thoughts on “Photos from Portugal are up”

  1. You did the bikini thing and will post no more pictures of it.
    Great! Where are the pictures with out it?

    Seriously, I went to that bone chapel and asked the priest why the humerous wasn’t the same as the “funny bone.”

    Well short story short, he excommunicated me.

    Did you put in a good word for me with him like I asked?


  2. The pictures are beautiful! I love the sunset pictures, such depth in those pictures. You look great! I am so glad you had a great time! You should post every single picture, and if you’d be so kind to release your copyright to one of the pictures of the sunset, I’d love to use it as a background.

  3. John- Ha! Ah, where would glamour photography be without digital technology… No. No way. Sorry. Not even in password protected posts… A girl has to have at least a shred of mystery…
    (Like why it looks like I’ve got four belly buttons in that pic… that little tattoo ended up looking strange in the shot! lol)

    And no, the good father is still as firm in his decision as ever. He filled me in on more of the dialogue between you, including the part when you asked “Where are all their little feetsies?” and “You sure there wasn’t a bit of cannibalism back in those days? Now that would be interesting!”
    Yup. You’re still banned. Points for balls though! 😉 I gave a few euros on your behalf.

  4. Brian- Thanks! I loved the sunset pics too. I got some surprising depth and saturation on several of them. Next time I’ll take a tripod for even better shots.

    I’m flattered you may want to use one… I think “used with permission” and a link would suffice, but let’s email about some details. 🙂 I’d love to know which one moved you to ask. Thanks again!

  5. Thanks Dan- welcome to my blog!

    I do have a flickr account, but don’t really use it. I find it clunky, to be honest, and the upload limits are annoying. I don’t think it’s of value enough to pay for at this stage.

    I tend to use the dotmac because I have it already, not because it’s the best solution either, but if weren’t so lazy I’d have my own web gallery with some opensource and funky css by me. Did I mention I’m lazy? 😀

    I’ll check out your blog- hope to catch you around here some more!


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