7 thoughts on “I Love Portugal!”

  1. John… erm, unless there’s something I’ll find out on an episode of Springer, I think yer not me mum… šŸ˜‰

    (And I’ll never tell about the tan lines… well, not in this comment. Actual posts to commence tomorrow I think.)

  2. Did you get I meant? If you don’t have tan lines, you were sunbathing nude! Or maybe you’re the type of lady that puts a lad’s brain on permanent spin cycle.

    That I can’t be your faux-super-strict-disciplinarian-mom, this pains me to no end. And….If you don’t retract your harsh words, I will send you to your room with no dessert.


  3. Lestat01-

    True. Everyone loves the places they go on holiday. I know I wouldn’t live in Portugal, but I did find it a lovely place to visit. I did venture off the tourist areas though and saw lots of areas that need basic improvement for the people. I know that beyond tourist areas and resorts that life is rarely rosy for the locals in other countries.

    Chilly? Chilly?! lol! I swam in the ocean when I was there! I thought it was fab! lol!
    Of course, this is a girl who lived in Wisconsin for 10 years and now lives in England. To me, England is damn near tropical! šŸ˜‰

    Welcome to my blog, btw… šŸ˜€

  4. Always interested to read blogs about Portugal and the Algarve in particular as I have a holiday home there. Often thought about living there permanently ,but it would have to be in a non touristic place and have plenty of air con for July and August.

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