The League of Gentlemen in Oxford

LogentHoly shit! The week has been redeemed from the swirling pig-pile of live entertainment mediocrity that it was, (courtesy of that rather bland BBC sitcom taping), and revived to a heavenly level of raucous, vulgar and jaw-dropped performance worship! I speak of seeing The League of Gentlemen live in Oxford tonight.

They put on an amazing show. Full of energy and the best loved/loathed characters from the television series, (and brimming with their signature dark and twisted humour), The League of Gentlemen Magical Pantomime Spectacular was just that– spectacular! The first half was devoted to new material short skits clearly designed to exhaust the audience with laughter and clapping, whilst the post intermission show was a warped and blissfully unhealthy deviance from the British Christmas pantomime tradition.

I had a wonderful time! If you have a penchant for the sick and dark and get a chance to see it, see it. I would suggest renting or buying the series on DVD for a quick primer though, as these characters are a bit surreal and a little familiarity is necessary to enjoy the show for all it’s got.


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