Not bad for not reading the book yet

The UK is initiating a rather strict test for would be immigrants looking for a British Passport. On the page linked below, there’s a 15 sample question quiz to give a taste of the types of questions being asked. You must read a book and have basic use of the English language in order to prepare and pass the test. After a cold introduction to the questions, (having not read the book they require), I managed a respectable 10 of 15 correctly answered.
Given that I’ve been here just shy of a year and my knowledge is essentially via cultural osmosis so far, I’d say after a couple of years and that book, I’ll be more convincingly British in my knowledge of this countries’ society, traditions and government than much of the native-born population.
* enter school-yard sneering * neener neener neener… 😉

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Really though, shouldn’t the fact that I know the four candles / fork handles gag be enough for my inclusion? 😉

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6 thoughts on “Not bad for not reading the book yet”

  1. I am not a Badger. Wisconsin is no birthplace of mine. Therefore, I am neither cheese wheel nor cheese wheel. I did, however, live there for the last decade. Even immersed in the land of badgers, beer and cheese, I retained my identity as being decidedly from many places, not just the one that makes the best deep-fried anything covered in Ranch…

  2. Just to let you know the Decoy now serves breaded deep-fried mac and cheese with (what else?!) Ranch. Thought you would enjoy that.

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