How to wake me from a nap…

Codeborder…offer the choice of dinner:
fish n’ chips or Papa John’s pizza delivery
* big smile * (Neither involve cleaning up the disastrously cluttered kitchen, washing of forks, or cooking. Yay!)

It was a late night working yesterday. I was given a tricky Photoshop site layout with 9 individual pages to create code and save out graphics for…
…before bed.
The site had to go live that quickly. Fortunately, the index.php page had already been coded and subsequently tweaked by me a few days ago, so making several of the offshoot pages was a relative breeze after some minor adjustments to the initial style sheets and xhtml documents. I got the last two pages laid out after hours of cross-browser / cross-platform mojo and the cleaning up of a couple of dirty mistakes I made due to exhaustion. (You try finding syntax errors in hundreds of lines of code with stale eyes and hours of mileage on your ass. I felt like a geek long distance truck driver trying to make those last miles to home pass safely and without incident.)

I think it was around 1.30AM when I crash-landed into bed and it was nearly an hour later that I finally passed out. There is a problem when I work so late‚Äì I almost always have too much on my mind to sleep. I hit ‘Save,’ brush my teeth, crawl into bed, but my brain is still fully engaged in some sort of semi-cognitive exercise where the little file clerk in my head picks something obscure or seemingly insignificant for me to stew over. Sometimes several things. The blinds are drawn, but the brain fire burns on brightly.

Today, after a brief few hours of sleep before morning, I did a little work on another client site, took a nap in the evening, was enticed out of slumber with the promise of pizza, and watched the original “The Italian Job.” What a fun movie! I saw the 2003 Hollywood remake, but there is something really magical about the 1969 Michael Caine film.

So now I sit here, awake but winding down. Tomorrow will be another early day and I’m already damaging my chances at feeling alive when the alarm clock blares Mozart at me come 6AM…

More comforting, who really feels alive at 6AM anyway… that’s why coffee exists. 😉
Good night.

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3 thoughts on “How to wake me from a nap…”

  1. OK, so that was how to wake you from yesterday’s nap. Right now, I’ve tried twice with consideration, affection and threats of cozy cover removal. The pizza’s all gone (leftovers), and there’s only healthy food in the house in an attempt to compensate for the past few days’ gastric nastiness.
    Hmm… miscellaneous ice cubes…

  2. Yeah ok, so this afternoon’s snooze was a bit more difficult… 😉 Unfortunately, you would’ve been doomed if you’d offered dinner today. I know that we’re having Rainbow Trout with the heads and tails still attached. (Ew!) That would’ve drove me deeper into the covers to avoid seeing those dried up little eye sockets! EEk!!
    I like my fish as non-descript as a block of cheese, thank you very much… See, before tonight, I could claim, (in gastronomic jest), that I ‘don’t eat anything with a face’ because heads and tails are removed on my fish. * Sigh *, now look! (* to the package in the fridge * Not you, little trout- so don’t even try.)
    I’m sure I’ve awakened from my nap only to be greeted by a culinary nightmare… though a tasty one I’m sure. 😉

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