ADD or born to multi-task… you decide.

This morning, whilst having an uneventful poo, I began pairing clean socks from the drying rack in the tub.

I got four pair done. (I know you wanted to know…)

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7 thoughts on “ADD or born to multi-task… you decide.”

  1. TMI? My wife hates sock matching. Lately she’s been putting the socks in a bag (after they’re washed and dried), and I weed through the bag to find the matching socks. Strange, yes.

  2. I can’t decide if you are really slow at folding socks or really fast at taking a dump. Either way, creative way to multi-task!

  3. Oh, gee, honey. What makes you think I wouldn’t be proud of a daughter who is now going to attract people from all over the world who have poo fetishes? But you’re right about the not being surprised. That went by the wayside years ago. I think it was right around the time you hit puberty.

    Ahhh. unconditional love. As I’ve told you before, if you said you wanted to be a hit woman, I’d say “You go, girl!”.

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