poking a stick into the slumbering amateur writer inside

You keep coming back here, so I keep writing. Truth is, even if you didn’t come back I’d still write. I like it. Sometimes I even think I do a pretty good job in my own quirky way. Writing is another area in my life where I seem to do just enough of it, with just enough skill, to get by. I own the right books on grammar, synonyms, and editing. I’ve skimmed them. I pack enough of a vocabulary to be considered above average. I have several ruled notebooks and have written in the less expensive ones. (I still lack the confidence to dirty the pages of the nice, hardback blank books. I save those for when I feel I’ve got something worth writing in them. Does that day ever come for anyone?)

Now I’m beginning to put my writing to the test. I got a little book a week or so ago. It’s somewhat cube-like and is called “The Writer’s Block: 786 Ideas to Jump-Start Your Imagination” by Jason Rekulak. Here’s how I’m using it:
I have Neil put it behind his back, flip through the pages until I say “STOP!” He checks out the page and providing it doesn’t require me to go someplace I can’t at that moment, he tells me the topic/premise on the page we’ve randomly chosen. I am then challenged to write a minimum of 250 words on that idea. The first one yielded a quick and easy 250 words. It was a topic I knew nothing about. The second one, several hours later in the evening, was a painless 1250 1000* words. This is my new mental yoga.

I plan on eventually sharing these experiments on either this site or one of two others I have yet to do anything with. I’ll let you all know. Perhaps you’ll enjoy them. Think of them as sketches in words instead of pencils. Some may have developmental promise. Who knows. Right now I can tell you it’s a helluva lot of fun and I feel this blooming routine is going to be really good for my confidence and just might lead to something. In the meantime, I think I’ll take a closer look at some of those books of mine. I’ve got a reason to pay attention to better sentence structure now…


*I’m using a piece of software called CopyWrite and through my novice experience, didn’t reset the word count per document properly. Damn- I could’ve had a novel done in no time! lol!

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4 thoughts on “poking a stick into the slumbering amateur writer inside”

  1. Well, we keep coming back, because your keep on writing. Of course, the blame is all ours.

    As for using the writing book as a tarot deck, are you a clever, sprouting sorceress?

    Yah right…You are such a liar….watch out Neil!

    As for your writing, GO FOR IT.

    As for your sorcery, I’m brushing up on my astral dreaming to keep tabs on you…..

  2. I blogged a while ago about the idea of using Wikipedia as a source for writing a nanowrimo novel – you use the random function, and then write for that day about that topic. Or you could just write until you run out of that idea, and then wikipedia again.

  3. Thank you both!
    John- actually, I do know a thing or two about tarot… * insert headscarf, candles and incense here * (And it’s a little late to take action‚Äö?Ñ?¨¬¨‚ĆI already know about the llamas and that weekend in Nice.) 😉

    Matt- fab idea! I think I’ll give the Wikipedia method a try. It would be interesting for lengthier writing exercises as I’d be given much more topic info than the tiny pages of that book can yield.

  4. *thinks to himself* “the llamas and weekend in Nice?”
    *gathers himself*

    “Oh yes, the llama was exquisite….those French can cook anything”

    *whispers in jen’s ear* “Must you constantly vex me at these cocktail parites? Are you testing me for fleet of phrase?”

    ……”Naughty, Naughty”

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