5 thoughts on “Why only children shouldn’t be left alone in the kitchen”

  1. What you don’t tell is that behind those smiling faces lies a visciously protective attitude to that cheap Tesco white mug. I got to use it once when I was ill recently, but any attempt to do so at an unapproved time will certainly result in the near-permanent inability to walk, talk or partake of yummie things – at least that’s what I see in the eyes.

  2. I have a favorite teacup that is off limits to anyone else. The usual threat of death thing.

    Surely other people have favorite coffee/tea cups. I sure hope so. Otherwise I’m going to start feeling really weird.

    Neil was lucky you let him use the mug when he was sick. Of course you probably only let him use it because you thought he was dying. Anything short of that wouldn’t elicit enough guilt!

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