What it is to be proud

On a fairly overcast July day, I was in London with Neil and friends for a trip to the cinema. London was bustling and I was armed with my camera. There happened to be a major Gay Pride parade as well as Live 8 that day. Perhaps one of my favourite pictures of the afternoon was this one‚Äì every once in a while, you get the perfect shot to convey a feeling, mood or emotion. This was that day’s shot…

(click it for a larger view)


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7 thoughts on “What it is to be proud”

  1. There were so many amazing people around that day! I took loads of photos, but unfortunately several of them were blurry due to the nature of the parade environment. I got so lucky with these fellas! What a great day to people watch! 😀

  2. During Christmas season, my wife and I will park our butts on a couch in one of the larger malls in the area and just watch people. I’m a good listener and I love to listen to what people say. Amazing.

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