You win some, you lose some.

NachosWe’re down one client today. It’s not a critical thing, but it was good money that isn’t going to happen now. It’s one of those situations where no matter what we could’ve done, it wouldn’t have been as intuitive as crawling into the client’s ear, rummaging around his thoughts, knowing what his favourite colour socks are and then making a website using all of this intimate information to create the most ideal site solution ever for him. Unfortunately, this client didn’t seem to understand that communication to the developer is necessary to ensure the developer is headed in the right direction to best provide what he envisions. So it goes.

Ironically, in the other corner, weighing in at 500lbs of scatterbrained gorilla, is a client that we can’t seem to shut up. They seem to incessantly shit out streams of illogical emails and phone messages that convey no real direction without a list of questions back. They have no respect for our time and no commitment to deadlines. It’s frustrating and tiresome. But, right now, it’s a paycheck. This too poses a conundrum. You have a steady stream of work from a parasitic client that pays regularly. This parasitic client doesn’t pay enough for you to lose the other potential work prospects you have lined up and are currently committed to. You can’t ditch the client, you can’t afford to lose the other clients. You can, however, find creative ways to lose lots and lots of sleep and sanity. This part we know. It’s not balanced and is the bane of our daily existence until a well-deserved holiday in a couple of weeks offers some respite before the next archaic project from the gorilla.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that they’re there most of the time… but I’ll tell you, the tax on life is getting higher and more unmanageable with each frustrating night of work in this house. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without the money. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live with the money. Can’t live with ’em, can’t string them up by their toes in the nearest oak tree, cane the bottoms of their bare feet until they agree to think before acting and respect the time of those they employ to do their development bidding. Damn it’s a shame we can’t do that last bit. It was cathartic just writing that. I think I even typed slower to savour the imagery…

Back to reality… So I’m looking for additional work complimentary to that which I do to assist Neil. I’m exploring both work-from-home and part time employment out of these walls. I’d rather work from home, not that I don’t enjoy getting out, but I need to work within walking/bike riding distance and don’t really want to waste my time on ‘customer service’ based jobs. Been there‚Äì done that, thank you very much. As a former pre-press expert and current web development intern of sorts, I have a bit more to offer a potential employer and more respect for what’s in my head than to let myself dish out nachos at the local cinema. I’m not saying I’m better than the people that work there‚Äì I’m saying I want more than tortilla chips and artificial cheese sauce in a job. There is nothing wrong with being the nacho girl. I just don’t want to be the nacho girl. I want to use my brains in a job and I’m not ashamed to say it.

So, working from home would be ideal. Code stuff, web stuff, writing stuff, marketing stuff… these are all in my head. When I moved here these were amongst the potential career paths discussed anyway. Now it’s time to do more than dabble- it’s time to really apply this towards genuine employment. I’ve been happy as a student of the black arts of code, but it’s time for more. I want to feel as though I actively contribute to a positive financial situation. According to my most recently issued Visa, I may now work. I couldn’t do that under the previous two Visas. The government now gives me the green light to make some dosh. Now, how to do it and still give my brain the satisfaction she deserves… First, I wonder what’s on at the cinema tonight? It is Orange Wednesday you know and I have a strong craving for nachos… 😉

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5 thoughts on “You win some, you lose some.”

  1. I have to say I’ve never taken advantage of Orange Wednesdays – even though I’ve been with them ever since I had my first brickified Motorola – probably about ten years ago…

    I’m sure whatever path you choose to take (except Nacho-girl, of course) you’ll find something that’ll suit you. At the moment I’m on the lookout for some sort of home based work myself, mainly because it would allow me to spend a little more time putting together my podcast, it really is taking over my life! We’ll see eh?

  2. I think you would make an excellent nacho girl. Just remember…anything is better than Woodmans!!!! One more word for you…MARILYN!!!

  3. Ahh Clients, can’t live with them, can’t lure them to a isolated field, chop them into bits, bury the chunks over a square mile, rebirth the car, and be home by morning…

    …at least without getting icky client juice on your shoes.

    Reminding me of why i got out of freelancing, just as I jump back into it.

    Cheers for the birthday message BTW, my evil blog still won’t email me when people post 🙁


  4. Could you function in a professional capacity as a go-between between the clients and the techies, since you already have the experience.
    You could flesh out “user requirements” as it would be phrased in the techno world.

    You could also consult with a professional career counselor.

    Could you take a course in web design? This would tie in with your artistic side while tying into your coding experience.

    Have you checked the web to see what employers are looking for?

    Just thinking….


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