Mom update, clutter, art and likely some other stuff

So it’s been a few days since I’ve updated my blog. I’m sorry… really, mom, I’m sorry. 😉 She actually called me to complain that I’ve not written anything since Friday, which of course was the ‘mom-centric’ post. Just to let everyone know, she’s doing well. The initial fears regarding going it alone have waned and a carpe diem attitude has taken hold. She’s always been pretty good on her own, (was single for many years after my dad passed away), and knows that even though she’s had a shake up with what seemed fairly stable, it’s a good kind of shake up. I’ve had several positive emails and phone calls from her and I know that she’s OK. Thank you everyone for your concerns. She appreciates it. 🙂

On to other things…
I’ve got the rooms in the final stages of organisation, which is likely where they’ll stay until we move again. I’m terrible about the finishing touches on a project like this. The furniture is in place; the coffee table is tidied. All the clutter that became homeless found it’s way into boxes and piles around the flat and I’ve not really been motivated enough to uproot them all again to find proper storage. * sigh * Before we go on holiday I’ll take care of it. I promise. You heard me- I raise my hand and swear it. That gives me a few weeks… to continue ignoring the task. Hee hee hee…

Apart from the flat upheaval, there was another significant change around here: art. Art is re-emerging as a creative outlet in this home. I’ve been a painter/artist of sorts for most of my life. I brought several supplies with me during my move to the UK, but dummy me, I forgot two of the most important colours in my acrylic paint arsenal: black and white. DUH! But, fortunately my return to making messes of canvas coincided with Neil’s desire to revisit watercolours. We hot-footed it down to the local art supply store to stock up on a few bits that our kits needed. Over the past couple of days I’ve managed to not only stock up on a few desirable tubes o’ paint and special rubber brushes, but I’ve completed one painting and begun another. Yay me! It’s been well over a year since I painted last, so technique re-establishment is my primary goal and then perhaps pleasure in the results will follow. I’ll work on my confidence a bit and promise to at least show something I create.

You know that part in the heading about ‘some other stuff?’ I figure this post is long enough, even after several days without my words, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow. That’s the way it goes. Besides, I’m trying to get to bed earlier and it looks like Neil is coming down with a cold, so I’d better go make him a cup of green tea. Hmm. That ended up being ‘some other stuff’ anyway didn’t it…

Rats. Come back tomorrow though, will ya? There will be more…


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  1. If ya want white, don’t paint the canvas. If ya want black, mix blue and brown.

    Author of Vienna on 5$ a Day

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