The song of fall

RedfallleavesTypically when the windows to the flat are open, I hear the semi-continuous sound of passing traffic on the A4. I’m used to it and it’s normally without honking horns or loud music. It’s just a busy road in front of the building with a buffering of trees and garden between it and our walls.

For just a few seconds this afternoon, the traffic sound stilled and I heard the distinct whisper of fall’s drying leaves dragging and scooting each other against the pavement in the breeze.

I stopped what I was doing to watch them. Then the sound of cars reappeared.

I love the fall.

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8 thoughts on “The song of fall”

  1. Eek! I’ve only been through a few tiny earthquakes… I remember my dad’s guitars falling from their wall mounts when I was a child. I still have one of his cracked acoustics.

    The picture is a cheat of sorts… I took it in the US, not the UK, but the leaves were perfectly vibrant and better capture what I love about fall rather than the grey, dismal weather we’ve had this week. 🙂

  2. No, the lights weren’t red. * shakes head * Not that I think it was any sort of divine moment, that would be silly, but there was a lovely pause in the normal order. I’m just glad I caught it. 🙂

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