Comment issue solved(?)

It appears that the comment “Blacklist” in my Discussion settings is trapping all comments- even when they don’t match the criteria in the list. I remember that Neil had a similar issue when he moved his blog as well.

Prior to remembering the Blacklist thing, I updated my Recent Comments script and also the WordPress Hashcash plug-ins to the most recent versions. I like the addition of a Trackback category to the Comments script- pretty cool.

So, I’m going to attempt to delete the Blacklist words and reinstate them. I’m not sure why this seemingly innocuous setting would go awry, but it’s consistently falling down when I test it.

Until I get this remedied, there may be some spam getting through, but that’s my risk until I get to the bottom of this. If anyone else out there has insight or experience with this problem, throw me a comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

Does anyone know if the checkbox for:

Blacklist comments from open and insecure proxies.

enables the Blacklist, or just adds this additional security… Rephrased, is the Blacklist active by the act of having content words in it alone, or is this tick box the switch for it as well as it’s stated intent? I ask because this tick box appears to be the sole reason comments either appear or disappear without a trace…

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