for the Mexican Wrestler in all of us

There’s a backlash over hooded sweatshirts everywhere lately. And to a certain extent, I understand why. They are favoured by the typically less polite, polished and socially acceptable crowd. They are the uniform of Chavs. They are a hip-hop culture staple. It makes well-off, adult white people nervous. Therefore, all over the UK, ‘hoodies’ are being disallowed and even banned. I don’t have a problem with dress codes, per se, but really, this is a fad and it will die just like acid wash jeans, folks. Give it time.

HoodiemaskHowever, today I stumbled upon a link to a new hoodie product that really crosses the line
I present, the new uniform for liquor store robbers everywhere: hoodies with built in masks.

MexicanwrestlerThis is just dumb, people. Tell me it doesn’t look like a cheap Mexican Wrestler mask…

Come on kids, if you’re gonna try to hide your identity, just be honest and wear ski masks. Or be original and start wearing Groucho glasses! Big red clown noses would amuse too… At least then you wouldn’t be harassed over your silly Von Dutch hooded sweatshirt.

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One thought on “for the Mexican Wrestler in all of us”

  1. “Tell me it doesn‚Äö?Ñ?¥t look like a cheap Mexican Wrestler mask”
    Freeking of corse it looks like a cheap Mexican Wrestler mask, and that is why I want one.

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