The week winds down

After a week of continuing to get over my cold, (which is nearly finished), a bit of a reflective and introspective breakdown, a day to reboot myself (yesterday), and then a start on my productivity goals (today), I’d say this week is ending on a high note.

The amount of comments here have been great! I’m pleased that so many of you felt you had something to contribute, a point to make or some encouragement to convey. Thank you all!

Yesterday’s ‘personal reboot’ wasn’t entirely without it’s own measureable progress. I cleaned out gigs of old files on my Mac and it’s four hard drives, reorganised many of the files left and learned how to use a new piece of software. As all of you know, organising the digital is as important as organising the physical. I did hours of things that made me feel as though the wheels were becoming unchocked and about to begin spinning towards my goals. Although on the surface I didn’t accomplish much, inside, it was a very good place to start.

I’ve had wonderful long phone calls with loved ones in the states over the past two evenings. I even managed to get a recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes out of my grandma. You see, my grandma is a fabulous cook. Good, honest, simple country cooking. I’ve learned a lot about food from that amazing woman, just as my mom did before me. I’ve never had Fried Green Tomatoes, but I am intrigued and promised to give her a review after I make them. Perhaps I’ll even post her recipe here for all of you…

Haven’t begun the server move yet for my blog, but my guess is that it will happen over the weekend. It’s got to get done soon, and that ‘last minute’ that seems to always creep up on me is knocking at the door…

Neil and I are getting away from our desks and going into town for a bit this evening. It will be good for us. We rarely get out these days with the current workload, so I made him promise that we wander out tonight since I know the weekend will be filled with more work. We’ve got overlapping projects right now and it’s making for some ridiculously long hours. Neil puts in the bulk of them as I am only skilled in a fraction of what’s needed, but that’s an imbalance I am determined to correct. I’ve sat down and figured some things out today‚Ä쬆goals and necessities for my self and my work. I’ve begun to see through my fog and I like the view so far.

As I said, the week, despite it’s rough spots, is turning out just fine. Sometimes you need a storm to appreciate what’s left after it.

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