10 thoughts on “This is intriguing… (geek warning)”

  1. Thanks for the look Paul. There is a lot of crap up there, but the potential for Ning is interesting. I’m not trampling, trumpeting or cheering for it, just an inquisitive girlie on the sidelines… 🙂

  2. Ning is interesting in that it superficially makes dynamic sites easier to build, but it’s probably a hinderance in the end because
    1) It adds no new functionality
    2) It puts relatively artificial limits on the user and
    3) anyone with any php/mysql knowledge (or this rails stuff everyone loves these days) could make anything that has been put on that site on their own.

    For example (shameless plug alert), last weekend I whipped this up flickrdate. Thoughts?

    You watch any KITH yet?

  3. Just another geek with too much money in his wallet … It would be nice if these multi-millionaires give a could hundred dollars to all the nice citizens of the world. They’d still have cash left over.

  4. Most of these tech guys do give to charity. Plus, the innovations (like creating Netscape, Mosaic) have forever changed the world. I think those of us who deal with technology everyday should be a tiny bit grateful we’re not waiting tables. 😉

    Not that I’m some kind of Marc Andreesen cheerleader or PR person, but I Googled him before responding… to see what he’s done besides Netscape and AOL. He’s a geek to the core. From a tiny town in Wisconsin, he learned to program from a book and built his own calculator. He’s less than one year older than me.

    I wish I could say that I found a bunch of articles about his charitable contributions, but I didn’t. They’re just not the kind of news that anyone cares about evidently. With more research I’d find them- I’ve just got better things to focus on. (Focus? me focus? lol ;))

    Anyway, I just didn’t think it was fair to say he should give his money away. He built it with hard work. Sure, if ALL millionaires gave something to the Katrina victims or to AIDS or cancer research, there’d be progress. But, I guarantee most millionaires give something back to their surroundings, even if it’s just to their local libraries and schools. After all, isn’t that an investment in creating future Marc Andreesens? 😉

    Those of us who get pay checks and punch clocks are fortunate enough most of the time. What were our parents goals? And their parents? How big were their houses? How did they live? What did they spend? How much did they need to get by?
    We are the greediest, most wasteful generation ever. To ask those more wealthy than us to give their money away is just another way of expressing our corruption as a generation that can’t be satisfied by our health and happiness.

  5. Hmmmm. Let me see if I ‘ve got this right.

    “A” has lots of money.
    I live from paycheck to paycheck.
    “A” should give me some of his money because of my need “according to my need”.

    That philosophy rings a bell, doesn’t it? RIP Marx and Engels.

    If a hundred, why not two hundred, why not a thousand? I’m afraid most people would always complain that the amount was “not enough.” “A” should give me more.” After all, “he can afford it”.

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