Yay! Apple! Thanks!

Here is what Apple dug up for me regarding the assistance requests I sent them: (I had provided the name and street address of the person using my email address just in case the he/she was in their database.)

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for contacting Apple.

You may wish to deactivate (not delete) the .Mac Mail alias for awhile. This might force the companies with whom the person is doing business to call and communicate that their email was returned.

We have contacted the person using the alias. They are a .Mac member who has a similar alias with the exception of one character.

No one else can receive email sent to your .Mac alias. Even when your account expires and you didn’t use it for years, .Mac would continue to hold that account name in reserve for you; we would not release it.


The .Mac Support Team

Thanks Apple! You rock for so many reasons… 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Yay! Apple! Thanks!”

  1. Another reason why I wouldn’t mind moving over to the wonderous world of Mac. I’m starting to question Wintel’s dominance in the world.

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