The email I sent…

Here’s what I sent. (with certain parts censored for privacy) Good old Google…


You likely don’t know me, just as I don’t know you, however, I’ve been receiving emails to one of my long-standing email alias addresses with your name and potential account details in it.

I have had the address alias “**********” for over a year as an associated alias to my pay account through Apple. I seem to be receiving what I perceive to be your details to companies such as, Kodak and more.

I have a Michigan street address in one of the emails that may or may not be yours, but given your unusual name and that your Google results led me to Michigan, I have decided to try this email address to reach you.

I’ve sent fraud alert emails to the companies that I’ve received “welcome” and confirmation detail emails from. To me, someone signing up to services with my email address seemed suspicious and I handled it as I saw fit.

If this activity is not at all related to you, I apologise for taking your time. If I have found the ‘real’ address for you, I assure you that it won’t go into my address book, you won’t be further contacted by me upon this resolution, and I consider this a closed issue. I have alerted Apple Computer to the matter of my email alias usage and expect a reply from them in the next few days.

Thanks for your attention in this.

That should do it I hope…

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3 thoughts on “The email I sent…”

  1. Well, hopefully it does. It’s worse than normal spam because it’s not for the common spam things we all see. It’s legitimate businesses and sign-ups. The situation made me think twice about having my contact details on my blog, but I’m not taking them down over this. They’ve not been abused and the address is a fluke really. I’ve never published the one being used so this is a case of someone using an address they thought was available. That’s why I’ve gone to Apple with my issue. They should be able to get to the bottom of it, and if they can’t I’ll deal with it then. * shrugs *

  2. I’m very consistent with my e-mail address. Going to Apple was the right thing to do, hope it works out. Now, why is that address a “fluke?”

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