Somebody’s been eating my porridge…

An open letter to an alias thief:

It’s not yours. Stop using it. I don’t care if it’s an honest mistake or some sort of prank. It’s getting seriously uncool to receive your “Welcome to * unnamed credible company *” emails. You’ve been using an email alias of mine for a month and it needs to stop. Don’t you wonder why no one can ever confirm your sign ups? Don’t you wonder who’s getting your mail? Do you really want me to have your password?!

I’ve sent fraud alert notices to every email I get for you at my address.
I don’t have your phone number, but I am * this close * to sending you a snail mail to that address I have for you in Michigan.

I realise this is fairly harmless, but it’s really getting annoying. I’ve just Googled you. I think I’ve got a match… and a possible REAL email address.

I think I’ll give it a try… don’t worry- I’m and understanding person. Just stop using my email address please. (And, although I’m honest, I’d think about changing those Audible account details… Try to be more careful, dear.)

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