See? I’m not alone…

Xena310705 102902BThe guilty pleasure of the Sam Raimi hit “Xena: Warrior Princess” has transcended our planet. I found this story today.

For those less likely to click the link, I give you this quote:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Xena, the possible 10th planet in our solar system, has its own moon, a dim little satellite called Gabrielle, its discoverers reported.

Astronomers who reported Xena’s discovery in July said they detected Xena’s sidekick on September 10 using the Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea in Hawaii.

Gabrielle is estimated to orbit close to Xena, making a circuit perhaps every 14 days. Named for the TV princess’s traveling companion, Gabrielle is about 60 times fainter than Xena.

For some reason, I got sucked into Xena a couple of years into the series and even went so far as to buy season one on DVD. (Perhaps I should put an Amazon Wishlist together… * mental gears turning *) Anyway, I started watching because it was just plain fun. I loved Raimi already for the Evil Dead movies but never got into his Hercules TV show. Well, Xena and Gabrielle won me over with their ridiculously playful, action packed foray into twisted history, shrill battle cries and inventive costumes. I still want to be Xena for Halloween some year, but first I’ve got to get a leather bustier to armour plate… (Think that can come from Amazon too? 😉 )

So, I say, congratulations Sam and cast. You’ve managed to get some astronomy geeks to name a planet and moon after one of your hits. Now, if you can just get a planet Ash or the Groovy Nebula under your belt… Why go for a star on the Walk of Fame when you can have real planets and moons named after your work? 🙂
Oh and Sam, and that Spiderman stuff you did was pretty cool too… but would make a stupid sounding planet name. Sorry man.


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