Yup. Still sick. But excitement coming on Tuesday…

The ailment of the decade hasn’t lived up to it’s hype, thankfully, though last night’s headache put me into tears. That which began in my throat took refuge in my sinuses, and so now I battle a rather heavy feeling head and general exhaustion. I get energy in spurts, have coded CSS in blurbs and made myself a few respectable snacks when the mood takes me. Unfortunately, the majority of my time is still spent in an ugly state of lounging/snoozing, sprinkled with occasional whimpering thanks to my head pressure. Couple the wet weather we’ve been having (and it’s barometric tortures) with my sensitivity to such things, and a common sinus cold can be excruciating.

But, on the fortunate side, I feel fair and am taking care of myself as best as I can. Neil reminds me to take my vitamins (even fetches them when I can’t seem to move), and stocks my water and juice regularly.

I’ll be back in the saddle in no time.
Which is good, since we’ve got tickets to see Stomp next Tuesday! 🙂 It’ll be our second time seeing the show, but the first time we’ll be seeing it together. It’s a surprise gift for his Dad’s birthday, and I need to make sure I shake this damn cold by then!

For now, I’m gonna wrap myself in blankies and get some rest…


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