Sick today, but looking fab

I reluctantly gave in to the idea that I have a burgeoning illness of epic proportion last night. Well, ok‚Äì it’s a bit of a sore throat, tiredness and a dull ache from the chest up. Hardly the plague, but I still expect sympathy. 🙂

When I wasn’t tucked into bed today, I was away getting my hair coloured for unreasonable sums of dosh. My complex choice of colours, (total of four now), require some serious effort and expense. Problem is, I don’t think they charge for the difficulty‚Äì I think it’s purely a charge for services and is just plain highway robbery compared to what I was used to paying in the US. * sigh *

Anyway, I’m somewhat awake and about to embark on a short walk to the Spar shop (convenience store). I need juice. I need air. Then, though I’ve been up only an hour, I think I might need a nap upon my return…

smooches from a safe distance~

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5 thoughts on “Sick today, but looking fab”

  1. First, I hope you start feeling better. I had a real dilema getting out of bed this morning. Maybe it was how dark it was outside, the rain, the warmth of the bed, who knows. But man, I just couldn’t pull myself out of it.

    Eat some soup. Don’t eat anything fried (fish and chips), drink lots of fluids, you’ll feel a million times better.

    My best to you.

  2. Copious amounts of water and juice are being ingested. I’m on a hefty vitamin C and echinacea routine. I’m typically good about the foods I choose, (being a vegetarian makes me more aware of what I put into my body), and am trying to sleep as much as possible today. I lost a day of work time, so I plan on being fit enough for some tasks tomorrow. The nice thing about working from home is that I can code on a Powerbook from bed! 🙂

    Ah… I sympathise on your first paragraph. It is tough to get up when it’s gloomy outside and the bed hugs you, begging you to keep it warm for just an hour longer…

  3. Sorry to hear you are not well. Hopefully Neil is looking after you.

    Do we get to see your expensive new hair and how fab you are looking?


    – Neil.

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