Let the girls get on with it

Most of you who have been round here for a while know that I’m a cancer survivor. For the newer readers or those who will appreciate a recap, I had cervical cancer, it was a 7mm tumour, they thought it spread into my lymph-vascular system, it didn’t, I had a ‘Radical Hysterectomy’ which involves removing the uterus as well as the cervix. I am, in essence, a darned sock* for sexual organs. My ovaries were spared and relocated to sunny new condos in my abdomen for their protection should I require additional treatment.

I am happy. I am unable to bear children and don’t find that difficult to deal with. I never wanted children. To me, the operation was as if they had taken out my appendix- it’s nothing I need for any specific purpose and I wouldn’t miss it if it was gone.
I don’t feel damaged.
I feel liberated.

So why bring it up if I don’t have a chip on my shoulder or some rant to indulge? (This is a blog after all and too often blogs get wrapped up in the negative experiences of a person’s life… hopefully, you don’t find much of that here.)

I saw an article on my RSS news feed this morning about helping women through the post-cancer sexual difficulties. I had them to a certain extent, even some amounts of depression surrounding it, but I ‘found myself’ again and am a well-adjusted ‘whole’ female in my eyes. This BBC article introduced a device (available through the NHS) to help women on the journey to sexual satisfaction after gynaecological cancer surgery. It’s an article about a device that cares about a woman’s enjoyment and involvement in sex again- not the typical women’s health stance of simply keeping her disease free.

Here’s the article link. I hope it helps someone out there.
You go girls!


*For those who may be puzzled by this term: if you have a hole in your sock, you ‘darn’ it. That’s where you take a needle and thread to sew it up. Nearly unheard of in our throwaway society these days…

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6 thoughts on “Let the girls get on with it”

  1. Congrats on your decision not to have children long before the cancer. I truly believe that fewer people would have kids if they were courageous enough to look into themselves and see how they really want their lives to unfold. I wanted only one child, and that child is the light of my life. I knew that one was the right number for me. Knowing myself pretty well made me realize that more children would stretch my spirit thin. Having only one gave me the time and energy (and money) for my spirit to grow with hers.

  2. Heard a funny thing on CNN news. France is going to pay people to have more children. Oh, goodie–more people on this planet! I’m sure the Brits are thinking, “Oh, yeah. More French. Just what we need”.

  3. You are a survivor, truly all that matters. It’s happy to know that you are as accepting of the hand that was dealt you, some would never faire as well as you. The device that you blogged about I’m going to send onto my wife as she has some friends who could benefit from it.

    (and the French, do we really need more on this planet?)

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