Tomorrow: London and a gaggle of Podcasters

Pccuk Be
You’ve heard me go on about this PodcastCon UK event tomorrow, and now it’s PodcastCon Eve… I’m printing, cutting and stuffing name badges for everyone and trying to think up all the things we’ll need to take with on the day.

I’ll be (wo)manning the Meet n’ Greet table as my main duties for the day, pressing flesh with important folks from all walks of media‚Ä쬆TV, Radio, Podcasters, PR and Consultant types… People from all over the globe are attending this gathering, now considered the first Podcast focused convention anywhere in the world (not just Europe!). I’m cool and collected tonight as I slice apart the bits of paper bearing the names of the people I’ll be meeting tomorrow morning. I’m typically skilled in common social situations and even better in those that require me to be business-like and helpful. I have the gift of gab when I need it and a holster full of commendable bullshit for when the going gets tough. I shouldn’t need the big guns tomorrow, but I’ll load them just in case. 😉

Speaking of shooting, my camera will be snapping on behalf of BritCaster, (if I’m able to get away from the desk), and I will be on a chat room with the podcasters who couldn’t make it to the event. I plan on full geek immersion at PodcastCon UK‚Äì though I’m not a podcaster per se, (merely dabbled with it so far), I’m an enthusiastic nerd and can’t wait to meet the folks out there on the cutting edge, bleeding for this exciting new medium.

See you at the con…

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