It just ain’t gonna happen.

I made a starry-eyed and ill-fated promise to myself around this time last year…
The evidence

Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to have done this, but given the workload around here and the fact that I have two major events in and around November, it just can’t happen this year. I’m learning to drive and have to get lessons, a theory test and a road test done before November, plus Neil and I are on holiday for a week that month.
Both of those things combined with my code and development learning workload will assuredly prevent me from writing even a pamphlet, let alone a novel in a month.

Now, I know, nanowrimo doesn’t have to be done according to the ‘rules.’ If I want to write a book, I’ll write a book. Why let their schedule dictate my creative output? Well, because I need deadlines. I’m flawed like that. I do have a pretty cool story started that wouldn’t qualify for the purpose of nanowrimo, so maybe I’ll develop that before the end of the year. We’ll see.

In the meantime, on a related tangent, I’m keeping my promise to actually read a fiction/pleasure book this summer instead of all technical manuals and reference books. You see, I actually enjoy reading books about code and design. I find them stimulating and find that I devote an disproportionate amount of time to them compared to the broader scope of the written word. I like the novel I’m reading and have another one to begin after it. I seem to have inherited my mother’s gift for reading in the sense that my comprehension and speed are well developed, however, I fear my patience and thirst for fictional works stopped at the birth canal. Thankfully, she knows I’m a proficient reader and never pressured me to become more of a bookworm. I read. I just read completely different materials compared to what she would choose for herself.

I suppose that’s not a bad thing. She’ll just have to wait another year to read my novel… πŸ˜‰


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