If Darth Vader pressed his own shirts…

I opened my email this morning to find a typical ad from Amazon. Upon scrolling through the special offers, I found this most evil looking iron…Darthlaundry
Now, if pressing clothes isn’t a dark art/oppressive task enough, don’t you get the feeling that whenever this baby is set to ‘Steam’ that it’s gonna gasp like an asthmatic Jedi whilst you feel an uncomfortable presence around your neck?
The iron is called the Philips GC4340 Azur Premium. I think the designers were really pushing for the Philips DV41BBY-4ABY Sith Menace
Just a thought.
(Geek cred to whomever knows why I chose that product number… heh heh. And no, I’m not really a Star Wars geek. I’ve not seen the latest three movies. I’m a bit more of an old skool Star Wars fan myself…)

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One thought on “If Darth Vader pressed his own shirts…”

  1. Dearest Jen,

    First some background:

    A sad, but true story about Darth was that they stole his invention of the light sabre and used it in Lasik eye treatment. He didn’t get a penny in royalties. He spent his last days in a retirement home 2 block away from the beach in Clearwater, Florida getting crank calls from retired stormtroopers who thought he had embezzled from their 401k plans.

    As for the iron, yes it does bear a striking resemblance to one of the big triangular ships in his early movies. And you are right in suspecting Darth had his hand in it. But, unfortunately, his idea to deck the ships out in the style of the iron were dubbed as “too artsy-fartsy” by high command.

    Lucky for you his iron collection was a complete flop and very few were made, thereby making them quite rare.

    As to our appraisal of your iron- we believe if you still have the packaging intact, and it was signed “Best wishes, Jimmy, destroyer of Jedis- Darthy” as you claim, then you should insure it for 10,000 Pounds.

    We find your intuition and instinct in this matter to be extraordinary and we hope your early success fuels your ambition to be a member of our cast here at BBC.


    Antiques Road Show U.K.

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