I’m back!

Aa90I woke up in my own bed this morning. It was absolutely lovely! Heathrow was a bit of a pain last night, as typically my Visa gets me fast-tracked through immigration. Well, last night I was behind three planes of Asian citizens who barely spoke English and nearly all had to be referred to the Health Control office. Argh. It only took an hour to get through it, but I would’ve been better off in the regular ‘foreigners’ line instead of the Visa, asylum and ‘other’ line. Oh well. It was interesting to people watch.

Luggage was gathered and Neil was met. Then he hit me with the news… the landlord would be over at 9am the next day. It was already near midnight.
* insert haggard panic face here *
See, he’s been sick the whole week I’ve been gone and so my initial fear was that I’d have to whoosh through the flat with a magic wand to clean up quickly. Well, I did some grouchy whooshing, (I was exhausted to the point of mild grouchiness), and managed to unpack one of my four suitcases before crashing into bed. In a half-sick daze, I got some more tidying done this morning. The travelling and time zones have played dirty with my body and mind, so after the landlord came by I fell into bed for a necessary sleep/jEN-reboot.

I’m rested now. My email is mostly gone through. I’ve had a spot of lunch and am showered. I love to travel but like most people, it’s the homecoming that is the best/worst part of it all. Best for the comfort and bed; worst for the jet-lag and unpacking. My next trip over to the US will likely be in the spring. This trip was truly a good one. I reunited with my ex-inlaws and hugs were dealt. I had a really great time with Aaron in the way that old friends do. We had to much to drink one night, we saw movies, we talked frankly and honestly about our past. It was very healing. I hung out with two of my best girlfriends, Jodi and Maddie. Jodi is due to visit here for New Years and so we had a great time buying her iPod Shuffle for the plane ride and talking about the adventures we’ll have. Maddie and I shared several wines and a great dinner at a new posh little bistro near Aaron’s house. Our visit was too short, but she had work the next day and I had an early flight to rest up for.

I also saw my Mom and her husband Jim several times and had lunch with another pal, Michelle. I ate more Taco Bell bean burritos than my intestines desired and realise that my home-cooked Mexican food is truly better than the fast food. I still missed Taco Bell, but I’m craving my own Mexi-feast now. I caught up with my old co-workers at the print place I spent six years and it felt awfully good to know I didn’t need to punch in for work there anymore. πŸ™‚ I miss the people there, but I am more than pleased with my career shift.

Little has changed since I moved from that Wisconsin town, yet this time I felt like a visitor. I fell back into old habits like driving and finding my way around the kitchen at Aaron’s house, but overall, I felt like a guest. I’m fine with that. I’m home in England, this tattooed expat from the Midwest, and it feels good.

Now, back to unpacking…


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7 thoughts on “I’m back!”

  1. You’re home, glad your flight was good. Too many times I have been in the line where everyone and their cousin just got off an overloaded plane and I’m stuck behind them. Oh well, nothing will beat the flight back from Singapore where they actually detained a man who was acting a little hurried in Tokyo, he was of middle-eastern decent, and Los Angeles immigration arrested him. Oh well.

    Now, bring on the pictures!

  2. Ah- I took a disappointing number of pictures, however, I think I will post some of the ones I did take. Oh- and Brian, I thought of you when I took that one of the plane. πŸ˜‰

  3. Thank you, I love a good airplane picture. That looks like a Boeing 767. Was it a comfortable flight over? Any turbulence? Hard to believe you were here during the hurricane, do you know anyone who was affected by it?

  4. Welcome Back! ! ! !

    Seems you had a wonderful time in WI, WHAT YOU COULD NOT EVEN CALL ME AND SAY HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. My dahling Me Again…
    I didn’t manage to call my Grandma, and clearly I have to rank her higher than you dear. πŸ˜‰

    On the positive side, Grandma is still a 8 hour drive from where I was, so calling her from the US really isn’t any different than calling her from here. I’m either an 8 hour flight or an 8 hour drive away from her no matter how you slice it.

    Sorry sweetie… But yes, I did have a lovely time. πŸ™‚

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