Heading home soon…

Hi all! I’m enjoying my stay here in the US but will be on my way home to Berkshire in a couple of days. Things are good here‚Äì I’m comfortable and the relationship with Aaron is strong and pleasant. We’ve not been divorced a year yet, but already have the friendship bond firmly in place. We both agree that despite the pain and emotional upset we’ve endured, that this version of ‘us’ is what we needed to come to‚Äì the comfort and friendship. It rocks. Tonight I taught him to cook a simple but seemingly impressive meal using cous cous, prawns, peppers and broccoli. I introduced him to ciabatta bread. It was lovely having a tasty meal and wine with him. He’s my friend and I love that we have come to the same place and understanding in our relationship. This time back to Wisconsin is about being comfortable with one another and truly understanding what happened in our past. It’s been therapeutic for us both. I will be sad to board the plane back to England, but will be leaving with a heart full of good feelings from here. This is different than the first trip back. This time it hasn’t been filled with uneasy feelings. This time we’re both healed.

I have a bit about shopping, ex-inlaws, money, movies and Taco Bell to write, but for now I leave you with this short and positive post‚Äì typed with a tall glass of wine at my side and a belly full of dinner and chocolates. I must finish packing tonight if I’m to achieve my goals to see some people over the next couple of days. Time is speeding up before my eyes… I don’t want to feel any more rushed in these last hours.

Soon I will be home. 🙂


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  1. I had a great time in Wisconsin but am glad to be back in my new home today. There’s truly no feeling like waking in your own bed after a week away! 🙂

    Jet-lag and unpacking ensue. Thanks for having a great time with me during my visit!

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