Time to Fly!

So I stayed up late last night installing some necessary things onto the old TiBook I’m toting on this trip. Geez. I had no idea how many little things I use, even stripped down to the minimum core applications and widgets, everyday when I write code. I needed BBEdit, Chicken of the VNC, Transmit, Art Directors Toolkit, Firefox with a handful of plug-ins, a smattering of Dashboard widgets (like my Lorem Ipsum generator), and Photoshop/ImageReady. After getting the apps in and the bookmarks, favourites & prefs synced, I think I can now say I’ve got a mobile office for this journey. Now as long as I have an internet connection when I land, I can cross-platform/cross-browser check and get my last bit of work completed for the week.

** Phwew! **

I’m sat here, transferring my Sites directory over to the Powerbook, enjoying my last cup of familiar home-brewed coffee and going through the mental checklist of my luggage contents. There was once a time when I could travel light, but now it seems a Palm Pilot, laptop, a couple of digital cameras and various support bits for all of that kit have become just as necessary as a few clean pairs of socks and underwear. Now I get to be one of the people working on the plane today. I think I like that idea… It’ll certainly beat watching all of the in-flight American sitcoms and feel-good news reels they subject a trans-Altantic passenger to! 😉

Toodles kitties! I’m off to Chicago!


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3 thoughts on “Time to Fly!”

  1. In a word, ha ha ha ha … I hate those television shows and movies they put on the planes. Laptop, iPod, and a good book, that’s all I need. Have fun!

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