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over the UKThat’s likely how the series of events will play out. I’m going to focus on work for the next day or so and then it’s off to the US to visit friends, family and the pets I share with Aaron. I’m excited to go back and slightly anxious over the deluge of feelings that will inevitably come with the experience. The last time I was in the states was the first week of March.

I had been living here in the UK for four months then‚Äì this time the gap is around a month longer. It seems possible to keep up the trend of visits twice per year. The last time I went back I enjoyed myself but missed my home here in Berkshire. Now, it will feel even more evident that I am a guest in the place I spent 10 years of my life, and I will miss my new home even more. I’m used to life here. I drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the car and road. I pronounce many words differently. I’ve finally got the hang of giving change with British coins instead of always using pound notes to avoid embarrassment… I am a British resident now and going back to the US will be a peculiar flood of familiar and foreign. Twice per year for that sort of emotional disruption might be plenty for now. 😉 As time passes, the visits will become easier with each one. For now, it’s still difficult due to the friendly circumstances in which I left it all. I have love in both countries‚Äì 4000 miles apart and twice per year I saturate myself in hugs and tears of joy and sadness. Thank goodness I have the opportunity, no matter how tricky it can be to tiptoe through the emotional landmines. 🙂

I’m looking forward to this trip like you can’t believe. I’ll be with my friends and family, shopping, eating, laughing at my evolving accent, gaining weight on all the foods I forgot how much I miss, and getting in as much fuzzy love from my cats and dog as possible! I will have a great time and leave drunk on love coupled with the intense desire to be here, cooking in my own kitchen, sleeping in my own bed.

This little expat has gone on long enough. There’s work to be done both with code and with housework. The next day and a half will be busy, so I bid you a good week and I will do my best to blog once or twice from the US.

Until then,

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4 thoughts on “Work Fly Play Cry Fly Cry Play Work”

  1. Being from sunny (and smoggy) Southern California, I relocated to Denver, Colorado just after getting married in 1999. During the first two years my wife and I traveled back their often to see family and friends. Now, with three children, we find that going back is rather expensive and having them come out to see us just makes better sense overall.

    Though my change was only 1000 miles and one time zone, it was still hard. I can understand the pain you feel in your 4000 miles, six (or is it 5) time zones, and everything in between. Your fondness for your family, animals, and such has to be hell, and I can only respect that what you did you did for a good reason.

    And on top of everything else, take some good pictures of the airplane (I love airplanes), the airport, and hell, everything else in between.

    Good luck, fly safe, and have fun.

  2. Oh yes, I moved for good reasons. 🙂 It’s an odd kind of pain going back, not riddled with doubt or sadness, just the longing for everyone I love to magically be on the same continent at least… I never have feelings urging me to move back, and I’ll never let go entirely of the midwestern girl I am. I made all the right decisions and am truly happy. It feels wonderful! 🙂

    I have no children and frequently travel alone, so going back a couple times a year isn’t prohibitive at this point. I have some friends coming to visit at the end of the year and more in 2006, so it’s working out pretty well. I am my friend’s liaison to Europe‚Äö?Ñ?¨ pretty cool for a lil’ ol’ Hoosier girl. 😉

    Thanks for the travel wishes Brian‚Äö?Ñ?¨ and of course, there will be photos. 🙂

  3. Can’t wait to see you. So much to talk about and so much shopping to do. Talk to you when you get in. 🙂

  4. I’ve traveled all over the world alone, and quite frankly, it is rather enjoyable (though the nights can be a little lonely). Going back to California is great, I can see my parents, some friends, and be near my beach, and I’ve always enjoyed the airplane ride.

    In some ways you’re lucky that you have no children. Leaving them is always hard (and at times, nice, especially when they are rambunctious), yet coming back to them is great!

    Have fun, I mean it too!

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