Shameless promotion for PodcastCon UK 2005

PodcastconI’m hardly a podcaster. I’ve done a couple of experimental recordings, but overall, podcasting is something I support from the sidelines. How, you may ask? I help out by being co-admin on the forums and generally involved in the discussions there amongst the creators and enthusiasts of podcasts. Neil started the BritCaster thang to bring awareness to the growing UK podcasting scene, which invariably gets swamped by the glut of US-based podcasts. The attention for BritCaster has been astonishing! What started as just a goodwill feed aggregator has become the one-stop for finding the latest offerings from a wide cross-section of Brit podcasters.

So what’s the shameless promotion? (Sounded like it was for BritCaster‚Ä쬆but wait! there’s more!)
As a result of the feed community at BritCaster, we’ve found ourselves partnered with a first-of-kind European event on September 17th‚Äì PodcastCon UK 2005! Sponsored by 24meg broadband upstart be*, it’s an all day convention in London for the creators, enthusiasts and media movers/shakers who are propelling podcasting further into even stronger professional and amateur channels and visibility. We’ll have folks from the BBC, Virgin, and several other companies present. Speakers will include the stars of many of your favourite British podcasts. There will be food, wine, coffee and lots of socialising, so sign up over at the PodcastCon UK 2005 wiki, book your spot online through the secure Paypal conference page (space is limited‚Ä쬆hurry!), and we’ll see you there! 🙂

** End shameless promotion. We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog. 😉 **


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