Pixies and Queens and Over-priced water

Readingfest…that’s what we’ll be having tomorrow! Yes friends, it’s time for the one and only Reading Festival! (*implied trumpeting here*)
Though I’m sure Neil’s wallet feels like a gutted deer over the entry fees, the chance to see my favourite band (Queens of the Stone Age), and a band I worship for their unequivocal contribution to grunge and alternative music as we know it (The Pixies), the value of the tickets is truly worth the debit card trial by fire endured.

It rained like a sonofabitch today and yesterday, so the ground ought to be in a perfect state of ‘festival sludge.’ No outdoor music festival takes place on dry earth‚Äì it’s against cosmic law. Shall I wear my unbelievably stylish wellies? Maybe. I doubt they’re any good for a whole day of grounds walking and drunkard leaping. (That’s me jumping over drunkards, not a the drunkard doing some acrobatics… I actually don’t drink at concerts. I want to remember the show instead of leaving fogged with alcohol memories.)

So, wish us luck. It’s Neil’s first music festival and my… erm… I dunno‚Äì fourth or fifth or more. I’ve lost track. Must remember earplugs and sunscreen. I hope he ends up having a good time. He’s fairly open-minded where my music taste is concerned, however, the barrage of crowds and new sounds could turn him off. I think my enthusiasm should affect him and I’m sure he’ll have a good time for having experienced something new even if he doesn’t feel the need to rush out and buy any CDs afterward. 😉

I shall report on the day after I’m rested on Saturday. 🙂


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