Wisconsin slammed by tornados (that’s where I used to live)

Tornados hit my old neck of the woods last week! I’ve only seen one tornado in person and it was small in comparison to what just destroyed 69 homes, damaged 380 others and killed one man (he was the victim of an F-3 class tornado). In one day, 28 tornados touched down in the state I called home for ten years.

Tornado2Tornados fascinate me. When I experienced seeing one in the past, I was a relatively safe distance away from it, at work, and one of the brave(/stupid?) ones to venture outside to see what was happening. I remember seeing the sky rotate through colours green, black and gray. I recall seeing flags that should’ve been flying the same direction oppose and drop dramatically in the frenetic winds. I was in rainwater up to my knees in the parking lot of my employer, watching the clouds in the distance develop from funnel to tornado before my eyes. That was almost ten years ago I’ll never forget it.

What the people across the state of Wisconsin experienced this past week was a thousand times worse than that surreal afternoon I spent steeping in storm runoff, watching the skies segue through the hues of nightmares and flags duel directions across the road from one another.

Good luck as you rebuild and regroup Wisconsin. For more information on the storms and several more photos of the twisters and damage, visit:
The Capital Times photos
The Janesville Gazette photos

smooches~ (and hugs to the victims)

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One thought on “Wisconsin slammed by tornados (that’s where I used to live)”

  1. Funny that you should write about this – I live in Madison. I was in Michigan for the weekend and was not here for the storms. The first I heard about it was when my mom called me in a panic to make sure I was OK. Fortunately, none of the damage was close to my house.

    I grew up in Texas and saw my fair share of tornados. They are awesome examples of nature’s power.

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