Squirrels: Harbingers of the Apocalypse, or just nuts?

Robert“You humans better prepare.”

That’s what Robert told me with his series of chirps and guttural clicks, staring down at me from his perch. Bob then flicked his tail several times, spun around and hastily scooted up the tree.

More curious than the prognostications of the rodent, was my ability to understand what he meant. I knew. It dawned on me that the gray-tailed devil of bird feeders was onto something… That’s when I began to gather my own supplies for the eventual need. It started off with me burying a few pairs of socks in the front yard. Sealed in plastic zipper bags, my toes would be warm when the fall-out began. I wrapped a couple of nuclear-winter-proof snack cakes in foil and pitched them into holes near the shed. The iPod would have to wait above ground until I heard the first warnings blare doom from the loudspeakers around town. The squirrel was right, you know. That’s what all the nuts are about.

I didn’t see Robert for the rest of the day. I finished wrapping and burying a few more essentials, (nail trimmers, vegetable bouillon cubes and a Duran Duran picture disc, among other things), and thought about what he said. Though some might believe he was simply requesting more sunflower seeds in the feeder, I knew better. I understood…

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5 thoughts on “Squirrels: Harbingers of the Apocalypse, or just nuts?”

  1. I have the worlds most messiest squirrels in my neighborhood. I have a low, almost ground level squirrel feeder that they take their assorted snacks out of. Problem is, they shovel it out. I have one that likes to torment the cats. Then again, I also have some racoons that are just as interesting. I might even post about them.

  2. Disclaimer: I don’t really talk to squirrels. At least, not about the apocalypse…
    (Chipmunks on the other hand, are great for gossip and rabbits are good listeners.) 😉

  3. Sure you don’t.

    Chipmunks are so cute. I have a small mud-nest under the eve of my front porch, the birds come back each year and have babies. At night I’ll go outside and have a conversation with them. They never respond, oh well, they’re good listeners (I hope).

  4. 🙂 Damn that’s cute! Actually, I’m typically more in tune with animals than I am with most people… I’ve had a huge glass of wine, so that’s your deep dark one for the evening. * shy grin * Good night! 🙂

  5. Hell, people scare me, I’d prefer a conversation with my dog. What type of wine? Red, white, year, country of origin, and last but not least, did you enjoy it?

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