I am Animal.

This is an admitted ‘filler’ post. I am working on a much more informative entry dealing with the creation and implementation of that little custom icon next to the URL… but, I wanted to blog some pure fluff first.
I am Animal.See what Muppet you most closely emulate by taking this incredibly insightful 10 item personality test. (Only 9 of which relate to the outcome.) Damn, if only I could sell psychology in a can…

A truly lovely tutorial soon. Several innocuous posts about squirrels are perhaps likely to appear in the interim. You have been warned… 😉


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15 thoughts on “I am Animal.”

  1. The most terrifying bit about this wild-card personality test is that the roles almost fit well too… spooky. 😉

  2. I cannot believe you posted filler as I’ve been waiting patiently for the informative post, then again, finding out that you are “Animal” makes me laugh my butt off. That hair color wouldn’t suit you, you need to go for Gonzo or at least Kermit … blue or green. 🙂

  3. Me Animal,too!

    Both sides of me are so looking forward to the entries about squirrels. It’s not often you find a really good one!

  4. It just occurred to me that I might be putting too much pressure on you with my high expectations of a quality squirrel entry. I certainly don’t mean to. It’s just that there are so many blogs out there that go on and on and on about sheep while squirrels get the short end of the stick. Please do the best you can. And if you run a bit short of squirrel info, throw in some bits about lemurs. I’m sure we can all agree about the fascination level of those little cuties!

  5. Holy crap! What a bunch of fantastic responses! 🙂
    The tutorial will blow the socks off of you, dear brian. Honest. It’s a goody with only a heaping pinch of hype. But, the filler had to be done. We’ve been up well past midnight working for days. I think around 4am was our latest bedtime, and up again around 7. The tutorial has suffered along with my allocated ‘Destroy All Humans’ time on the PS2…

    Today is the day. I can feel it. The tutorial shall be unleashed…

    Right after my obligatory posts about squirrels. (I did my own holes sometimes, don’t I? 😉 Note to self: scratch future sheep posts…)

  6. I was Gonzo: originally I was Kermit, but that just wouldn’t do. I then deliberately was Beaker, but a more realistic one was Gonzo.

    I was wishing I was Animal:

    “Eat Drums! Eat Drums!”

    “No Animal. Beat Drums! Beat Drums!”

    (From ‘The Muppet Movie’, IIRC)

  7. 🙂 Dan and Matt: You two were stuck in the moderation queue…

    Oh Dan… I wish I had been that clever. Truth is, my experience with KITH is limited at best. If I recall properly, I was without cable tv during their initial run. 🙁 I do feel as though I’ve missed out on it, but if there are DVDs of them, they will have to wait until I’ve managed to buy up all the Xena Warrior Princess series. I got priorities… (shit ones, but they are priorities. 😉 )

    Matt: I love Animal. I love Beaker… Gonzo rules. And Kermit, well, “It’s Not Easy Being Green” is still a better lesson than anything Oprah could come up with. * Sigh * I wish Lew Zealand had been on there… that guy had fish handling skillz.

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